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Greece Between 1936 and 1948 Part II

The head of the populist party Costantino Tsaldaris, foreign minister in the short government of P. Pulitzas, then president of the council from 18 April, was in charge of foreign policy. The first act of the Tsaldaris government, against the legal and non-legal opposition of the other parties, was to bring the institutional plebiscite forward… Read More »

Greece Between 1936 and 1948 Part I

The government of C. Metaxàs, which became a dictatorship on August 4, 1936, was gradually modeling itself on the Fascist example. Not without strong opposition, since contrary demonstrations took place at the end of 1937; on January 28, 1938, some politicians and officers opposed to the regime were arrested and deported; July 29 in Crete… Read More »

Athens, Greece

According to abbreviationfinder, Athens is the capital city of Greece. Geography Athens extends on a Plain of the Peninsula of Attica, limited to the south by the Saronic Gulf ; to the west by mount Egaleo; to the northwest by Mount Parnitha; to the northeast by Mount Pentelic ; and to the east by Mount Imitós. The Municipality of Atenas is located approximately in the center of… Read More »

Greece History: Byzantine Period

With Constantinople (Istanbul) as the capital of the Roman Empire in the east, Emperor Constantine I, the Great (306–337), gave the empire a new state center. To this state belonged inter alia. the Illyrian prefecture, which included Greece and the center of the Balkans. There were three basic elements in the new state: Roman conception… Read More »

Travel to Greece

Area: 131,957 km² Residents: 11,160,000 (2017) Population density: 84.6 E / km² Form of Government: Parliamentary republic System of Government: Parliamentary democracy Neighboring countries: Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey Capital: Athens National language: Greek Religions: 93% Greek Orthodox, 4.4% Muslims, 1% Catholics, 0.25% Jehovah’s Witnesses Currency: Euro Telephone area code: +30 Time zone: UTC + 2 EET UTC + 3 EET (March – October) In 2020, 858 Germans officially… Read More »

Greece Territory

The Greek territory, mainly mountainous (over 40% is located at altitudes above 500 m), reached its current configuration only in a relatively recent geological age, at the end of the Cenozoic and the beginning of the Neozoic. In fact, in that epoch those conspicuous orogenetic and epyrogenic phenomena took place which caused the sinking below… Read More »

Greece Geography

HYDROGRAPHY The intense fragmentation of the relief and its proximity to the coast as well as the scarce rainfall did not allow the formation in the Hellenic territory of long rivers and vast catchment areas. The watercourses have almost all irregular flows and a typically torrential regime, with winter floods and prolonged summer lean periods.… Read More »

Greece Currency and Shopping

MONEY Currency 1 euro = 100 cents. Currency abbreviation: €, EUR (ISO code). There are banknotes in the values 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 euros, coins in the nominal amounts 1 and 2 euros, as well as 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents. Credit cards Diners Club, Visa, American Express,… Read More »

Greece Travel Overview

GENERAL Official name of the state Hellenic Republic. Capital Athens. Geography As a country located in Europe according to iamhigher, Greece lies on the Mediterranean Sea and borders Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria in the north and Turkey in the northeast. Greece borders the Mediterranean Sea in the south and west. The mainland consists of the… Read More »