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Indonesia – Paleo Indonesians

To these belong the Bataki (600 thousand) and the Gajo of northern Sumatra (about 40 thousand); the populations of Nias, the Mentavei islands (12 thousand) and Engano (1914: 294); the Daiaki, a name that in a broad sense designates many tribes of Borneo, such as eg. the Kajan, the Kenja, the Murut, the Dusun, the… Read More »

Bloody Conflicts in Thailand Part I

Since 2001, there have been uprisings among Malay Muslims in southern Thailand, with more than 4,000 killed in total. Since 2008, Cambodian and Thai troops have been fighting five times over a border area in eastern Thailand, near the Preah Vihear Cambodian temple. Both soldiers and civilians have been killed. Since 2008, there have also… Read More »