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Major Resorts in Okinawa, Japan

Kerama Islands The Kerama Islands, located 30 km west of Naha City, is made up of about 20 islands of varying sizes and is one of the world’s best dive sites. In addition, it is here that whales like to spend their mating season, which is a pleasure to watch at this time. Check clothesbliss for… Read More »

China speaks with a more powerful voice Part I

The year 2014 will be known as the year when Chinese foreign policy underwent its most marked shift since the reform and opening policy of Deng Xiaoping from the late 1970s. Less than two years after President Xi Jinping took over the helm of state, the Chinese have become far more visible in Asia, the… Read More »

Travel to Japan

Hotels & accommodations There are many accommodation options in Japan. You can find luxury hotels as well as so-called capsule hotels. You should have seen the latter. Those suffering from claustrophobia should avoid this type of hotel. In a capsule hotel there are several sleeping capsules in one room. These are actually just beds. They… Read More »

Japan Agriculture

Japan has become the second largest economic power after the US since the 1960s, but was overtaken in this position by China in 2010. Japan is the only non-western country among the leading industrial nations and is increasingly dependent on the Asian economic area. About 50% of Japanese foreign trade takes place in this region,… Read More »