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Top 17 Most Romantic Places in Europe on Valentine’s Day

Looking for a place to go for Valentine’s Day, don’t know where to spend your honeymoon or celebrate your wedding year? Discover tours for Valentine’s Day. Visit the best romantic corners of France, Great Britain, unforgettable medieval cities and castles, as well as sea coasts that promise an interesting joint vacation. European Best Destinations named… Read More »

Oslo, Norway

According to abbreviationfinder, Oslo is the city most populated of Norway and the capital of the country, politically is a municipality, I established the 3 of January of 1838 as an independent province in 1842. According to the census of the 1 of January of 2009 had a population of 590,041 residents, which puts it in third place and most populous urban area Scandinavian, second only to Copenhagen and Stockholm. It has an… Read More »

Norway and China Part I

In 2010, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo. The award sparked a diplomatic conflict between China and Norway – a conflict unparalleled in modern China’s relations with Western countries. But just before Christmas 2016 came the message many have long hoped for : Prime Minister Solberg has been invited to… Read More »

Norway and China Part II

5: Economic consequences of the freeze Trade between Norway and China has increased considerably in recent decades, especially since China became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001 . In 2015, China was the third largest country of origin for imports to Norway, and number nine on the list of countries to… Read More »

Increased Interest in the Arctic Part I

The intergovernmental cooperation body Arctic Council has existed since 1996. After a fairly anonymous existence in the first years, it has become the most important forum for the polar region. It gets attention from all over the world. The starting point for establishing the Arctic Council was cooperation on environmental protection and work against pollution.… Read More »

Norway in Afghanistan Part III

Norway has a responsibility as a UN and NATO member , but also to the Afghan people: “(…) we have a task to do by standing by the Afghan people” (Støre 2008). The Minister of Defense says that “we will not leave Afghanistan until the Afghan people feel confident that peace will last” (Strøm-Erichsen 2008a).… Read More »

Norway in Afghanistan Part II

4: 2002–2005: Peace argumentation and offensive defense The Taliban regime was overthrown as early as 2001. The focus is now shifting towards peace and nation building , in addition to making the commitment more directly relevant to the defense of Norway. As early as December 2001, the Minister for Development Aid stated that “the United… Read More »

Norway in Afghanistan Part I

What is a just war? What goals did the Norwegian authorities set for Norwegian participation in Afghanistan? What did the government hold on to all the time for the Norwegian participation? How did the goals change along the way? In this article, we look at the language that Norwegian governments used in the argument –… Read More »

Financial Crisis Part II

4: Real economic effects The lack of confidence and uncertainty in the markets is often concretized when the stock indices (Dow Jones, Nasdaq, DAX, Oslo Børs, etc.) on the world stock exchanges one day fall like a rock, while the next day they soar like a rocket. The question then becomes to what extent this… Read More »

What does Globalization Mean? Part II

4: Consequences of globalization According to photionary, a striking feature of globalization is that countries trade more with each other than before, and the increased trade includes all income classes. Figure 1 shows international trade (exports plus imports) as a share of the countries’ total income (gross national product) between 1970 and 2004. High-income countries… Read More »