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Human Rights Part I

The idea of ​​the rights of the individual and the need to limit the power and abuse of power of the ruler and the rulers is not entirely new. It has grown over several hundred years, but has especially gained momentum in the sails after 1945 – not least the last two to three decades.… Read More »

Working and Living in Panama

Immigration and permanent residence If you want to stay longer than 180 days (without leaving the country for a short time), you will need a visa, which you can apply for at the Panamanian embassy or consulate in your home country. There are the following options for emigrating to Panama: Pensioners with a guaranteed pension… Read More »

Panama Geography

TERRITORY: MORPHOLOGY The morphological picture of Panama is varied and complex, enlivened by an uninterrupted series of reliefs that meander from W to E, forming the extreme section of the long isthmus ridge. As a country located in Central America according to topschoolsoflaw, the Panamanian territory rises from a shallow continental shelf, particularly extended under… Read More »

Panama Population

TERRITORY: HUMAN GEOGRAPHY Until the Spanish occupation, the Panamanian territory, initially inhabited by ethnic groups of Caribbean origin, represented the area of ​​contact and transition between populations of Mayan lineage, coming from Mexico and the northern section of the isthmus, and Chibcha groups , from Colombia. The arrival of the Spaniards gradually pushed the Indians… Read More »

Panama Overview

Located in the midpoint of the American continent and constantly at the center of international strategic interests, Panama today offers a cultural cross-section in which there are elements from the most heterogeneous origin: in fact, Indian, Caribbean, Spanish and, linked to more recent flows, coexist traditions. Central European, Asian, as well as those of US… Read More »

Panama Industry, Trade, and Tourism

(República de Panamá). State of Central America (75,001 km²). Capital: Panama. Administrative division: provinces (9), indigenous districts (3). Population: 3,396,000 residents (2008 estimate). Language: Spanish (official), English. Religion: Catholics 80.2%, Protestants 14.5%, others 5.3%. Monetary unit: balboa (100 cents). Human Development Index: 0.832 (58th place). Borders: Antillean Sea (N), Colombia (E), Pacific Ocean (S), Costa… Read More »

Panama Economy Overview

ECONOMY: GENERAL INFORMATION The economy of Panama is strongly linked to the presence of the canal of the same name, which since 1920 has effectively connected the two oceans of the Atlantic and the Pacific, and to the importance of the United States of America, one of the main beneficiaries of the creation of the… Read More »

Panama History

HISTORY: US ADMINISTRATION AND CONTROL OF THE CANAL ZONE After prompt negotiations, formal recognition of the US government arrived (November 6): Secretary of State Hay and Panamanian representative Bunau Varilla signed a treaty in Washington which largely confirmed the provisions of the agreement rejected by Colombia, further agreeing that the administration and control of the… Read More »

Panama Literature

Since Vasco Núñez de Balboa (1513) discovered the Pacific beyond the thin strip of land at the Isthmus of Panama, this region became a focal point for trade between the two oceans. But if the Camino Real was enough for the Spaniards for centuries, the road opened by them across the isthmus, which was followed… Read More »

Panama Arts, Theater, and Traditions

CULTURE: ART In the country there are interesting testimonies of pre-Columbian archaeological civilizations. In the Darién, spheroidal clay forms prevail, often with high annular bases, decorated with applications, bands and incisions, and painted in red and black. There are few finds in precious material, although the ancient sources speak of golden objects in large quantities.… Read More »