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Poland Flora and Fauna

Vegetation and flora The geographical position of Poland between central and eastern Europe makes its flora interesting, which on the whole has greater relationships and affinities with the Germanic flora than with the Russian one. In the coastal area of ​​the Baltic there are Atlantic elements (Erica tetralix, Myrica Gale), with frequent halophyte and psammophyte plants.… Read More »

Warsaw, Poland

According to abbreviationfinder, Warsaw is the capital of Poland to which Sigismund III (Zygmund III) moved the court from Krakow in 1596, it is one of the most important cities in Central Europe. It is the largest city in the country, with an urban population of 1,676,000 residents. (in 2004); the population of the metropolitan area amounts to 2,400,000 residents. She… Read More »

Shopping and Living in Poland

COMMUNICATION Phone The country code is 0048 in Poland, a country located in Europe according to aceinland. Telephone cards for public telephones can be purchased at petrol stations, post offices, hotels and at kiosks. Emergency numbers: Police 997, emergency number 112 and fire department 998. Cellphone GSM 900/1800 and 3G 2100. Mobile phone companies (all… Read More »

Poland Travel Overview

GENERAL Official name of the state Republic of Poland. Capital Warsaw (Warszawa). Geography As a country located in Europe according to itypetravel, Poland borders in the north on the Baltic Sea and Kaliningrad, in the east on Lithuania, Belarus, Russ. Federation and Ukraine, in the south to the Czech and Slovak Republic and in the… Read More »

Gdansk Travel Guide

Gdansk is sailing up to become one of the most popular destinations for Norwegians on a city break. It is not without reason, because the city is very beautiful, it has a rich history, and the distance from Norway is short. It also helps that you can have a great long weekend in Gdansk for… Read More »