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Nikolaevsk, Russia

Off the coast of the Vanino region in the Tatar Strait, the island of Toki with a rookery of pinnipeds is interesting, and the valley of the Tumnin River, which flows through the territory of the region, is a very picturesque place where you can see rocky landscapes, interesting backwaters and channels, as well as… Read More »

Russia Population

The territory of Russia represents, like those of Eastern Europe in general, one of the most recent areas of population, in the context of the old world. At the beginning of the nineteenth century it is probable that there were not yet a total of 10 residents per sq. km, with a maximum of 35… Read More »

Moscow, Russia

According to abbreviationfinder, Moscow is a great city and the capital of Russia, founded in 1147 by the Russian prince Yuri Dolgoruki, having been a small town on the banks of the Moskva River. Characteristics For much of the 20th century it was the capital of the former Soviet Union and the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. With 10,562,099 permanent residents (2010) it is… Read More »

Journalism, War and Peace Part I

This year, the Nobel Peace Prize goes to two critical journalists who daily risk a lot to defend human rights and democracy. It is also an encouragement to independent critical journalists around the world. Who are this year’s winners? What is the connection between journalism and democracy? What challenges does journalism face? How can journalism… Read More »

Korea: How Far Do They Go? Part III

8: China’s role The Chinese do not want the North Korean regime to collapse. Not out of love for a communist neighbor, for the Juche ideology rejects Marxism-Leninism and prescribes economic, cultural and ideological independence. The regime also engages in a bizarre cult of personality around the Kim family. The Chinese support the regime because… Read More »

Increased Interest in the Arctic Part I

The intergovernmental cooperation body Arctic Council has existed since 1996. After a fairly anonymous existence in the first years, it has become the most important forum for the polar region. It gets attention from all over the world. The starting point for establishing the Arctic Council was cooperation on environmental protection and work against pollution.… Read More »

What is BRICS? Part II

According to whicheverhealth, BRICS emphasizes its openness to the outside world. China’s historical experience is unequivocal in this respect: In periods of openness, things have gone well, while in periods of introversion, things have gone badly. India opened up around 1990 and is phasing out more and more of its subsidies and safeguards. For Brazil… Read More »

What is BRICS? Part I

10 years ago, the term BRIC was launched – Brazil, Russia, India, China. In 2009, the BRIC countries met for the first time – as part of a regular cooperation – with Russia as host. The second meeting took place in Brazil in 2010, and this year it was China’s turn. South Africa was also… Read More »

What is BRICS? Part III

6: The BRICS countries in the geopolitical picture According to topbbacolleges, the BRICS countries are too different to represent any collective political weight. They do not constitute an economic and political bloc. Apart from increasing contact with each other, the common denominator is solid domestic challenges . The Chinese have minority problems, among other things.… Read More »

Human Rights Part II

6: Important monitoring bodies In an ideal world, all people have their human rights safeguarded. The reality is that there are many gross violations of human rights in a number of countries where the authorities have neither the will nor the ability to safeguard the rights of the population. This means that the UN and… Read More »

What is Hybrid Warfare? Part I

Politicians and the media frequently use the term hybrid to describe various security threats to the West. These threats challenge both how we should understand them and how we should respond to them. The concept is unclear, and its use changes with what is happening in the world. What is the difference between conventional and… Read More »

Russia History Timeline

According to ehistorylib.com, Russia or the Russian Federation is the largest country on Earth. Russia can be divided into 5 main regions: European Russia, which stretches from the western border to the Ural Mountains – traditionally perceived as the border between Europe and Asia – is a huge lowland area intersected by the rivers Volga,… Read More »