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Check hyperrestaurant for Slovenia in 2009.

Portorož, Slovenia

Portorož is the most famous resort on the Slovenian Riviera, located 145 km from Ljubljana Airport and 100 km from Croatian Pula Airport. On the one hand, it rests on the small village of Lucia, where local residents live, and on the other end it flows directly into the medieval city of Piran, the pearl… Read More »

Ljubljana, Slovenia

According to abbreviationfinder, Ljubljana, (in Slovenian, Ljubljana ; in German, Laibach), is a city located in the central sector of Slovenia and the capital of the country. Located on the banks of the Ljubljana River, near Trieste, on the old East-West trade route. According to Greek mythology, the city was founded by Jason, a prince of Yolcos. Ljubljana is an industrial center, where… Read More »