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Korea: How Far Do They Go? Part III

8: China’s role The Chinese do not want the North Korean regime to collapse. Not out of love for a communist neighbor, for the Juche ideology rejects Marxism-Leninism and prescribes economic, cultural and ideological independence. The regime also engages in a bizarre cult of personality around the Kim family. The Chinese support the regime because… Read More »

Korea: How Far Do They Go? Part I

In 2013, the conflict on the Korean Peninsula has intensified again. The vocabulary is extremely aggressive and the provocative actions many. Is the conflict really as threatening as it may seem at first glance? How is North Korea’s nuclear history? What are the characteristics of the conflict in Korea? What motives do the parties have?… Read More »

Korea: How Far Do They Go? Part II

5: The conflict escalates The conflict took another serious turn on 7 March 2013. At that time, the Security Council adopted new sanctions in response to the nuclear test on 12 February. North Korea then withdrew from the ceasefire agreement, cut the military communications line to Seoul, and used an even more threatening language than… Read More »