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Ecotourism and Hiking in Canary Islands, Spain

The main attraction of the Canary Islands is an extinct Teide volcano (3718 m) – rises in the center of the island of Tenerife. The volcano formed about 180 thousand years ago in the caldera of an older volcano, the height of which reached 6000 m. The volcano is protected by the national park of… Read More »

Top 12 Resorts in Spain

Incendiary flamenco, bullfighting, delicious paella and hot sangria… And hundreds of unusual seaside resorts for every taste and budget. You can get acquainted with the sights of the Basque country throughout your vacation, traveling from the capital to the most remote corners. Visiting museums in major cities and getting to know the local culture and… Read More »

Spain Climate

The conditions of the relief find their immediate reflection in those of the climate. A large internal mass with a temperate continental climate, surrounded by more or less extensive fringes of zones with a maritime climate, with intervals that mark fairly clear transitions: the reflection could not be more evident. Unfortunately, Spain lacks the establishment… Read More »

Spain Before World War II

The end of the civil war. – With the battle of the Ebro the civil war entered its final phase. It began with the offensive of the Ehalan army on 25 July 1938 against the lines held by Franco’s forces along the river; towards the middle of August the republican forces (gen. Vicente Rojo) managed… Read More »

Madrid, Spain

According to abbreviationfinder, Madrid is the capital of Spain and of the Community of Madrid, which is a single province. Also known as La Villa y Corte, it is the largest and most populated city in the country, officially reaching 3,213,271 residents within its municipality, while the unofficial figure of the register as of January 1, 2009 is 3,273,006 according… Read More »

Attractions of Alicante

FLIGHTS, ACCOMMODATION AND MOVEMENT IN ALICANTE In Alicante, according to Abbreviation Finder, the distances are short, making it easy to get around the city on foot. Good flight connections from Finland It is easy to travel to Alicante from Finland, as the city can be reached from Helsinki by direct flights. Both Finnair and Norwegian… Read More »