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Bern, Switzerland

According to abbreviationfinder, Bern is the federal capital of Switzerland and the canton of the same name. Its historic center, known as the old city, has been a World Heritage Site since 1983. In its metropolitan area we find a population close to 350,000 residents. Most of its population speaks German. Geography Located on the Swiss plateau, it borders the communes… Read More »

Switzerland History: from the Origins to the Westphalian Treaties

The territory between the Rhine, the Alps and the Jura, which currently constitutes Switzerland (which is a more political rather than geographical expression), was initially inhabited by Ligurian tribes, then Celtic, and finally towards the century. I a. C. by people called Helvetii by the Romans. Around 62 a. C. this population, for unclear reasons (the pressure… Read More »

What are Tax Havens? Part III

8: Different specialties The British-based tax havens benefit from the political stability of the mother country and from English law. These centers seem to specialize in modern financial instruments such as futures and derivatives, groups of mortgages converted into securities and the like. Here we also find most of the hedge funds in the world.… Read More »