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eCommerce in China vs United States

E-commerce has revolutionized the way people shop and conduct business worldwide, with China and the United States emerging as two of the largest and most influential e-commerce markets. While both countries share some similarities in terms of the scale and growth of their e-commerce industries, there are also significant differences in market dynamics, consumer behavior,… Read More »

Gowanus Expressway, New York

  I-278 Get started Verrazano Narrows Bridge End Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel Length 6 mi Length 9 km Route Verrazzano Narrows Bridge 17 Belt Parkway → JFK Airport 17 92nd Street 18 Fort Hamilton Parkway 19 86th Street 20 65th Street 21 3rd Avenue 22 Belt Parkway 23 38th Street 24 Prospect Expressway 26 → Manhattan Brooklyn-Queens… Read More »

Washington DC – American Capital

According to answermba, Washington, DC is unique in a global comparison: Founded only two centuries ago as the capital of the United States of America, Washington is one of the youngest and most powerful capitals in the world. Located on the Potomac River halfway on the US East Coast, the District of Columbia surprises with… Read More »

Top 30 Reasons for Orlando, Florida

According to ejiaxing, the new decade brings many additions to the World’s Theme Park Capital®: an unpredictable theme park expansion, the world’s tallest bungee attraction, an acoustically perfect theater, a new award-winning chef, and one of the largest hotel expansions in decades. Walt Disney World Resort Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opened in December,… Read More »

Sightseeing in Georgia

Fort Frederica National Monument The ruins of the fortified village once built by Oglethorpe can be seen at the fort on the Frederica River at Christ Church on St Simons. The surrounding countryside is attractive. On the Demere Road south of the fort there was the Battle of Bloody Marsh between the English and the… Read More »

Chicago, Illinois Information

Chicago is now one of the most innovative cities in America. Although it burned to the ground in 1871 and has a bloody history of social unrest, the Windy City has grown into a major financial center of the Midwest. The third largest city in the USA has a lot to offer: in addition to… Read More »

New York Economy

Activity Midtown Manhattan looking north from the Empire State Building According to collegetoppicks, New York is a major center for finance, insurance, real estate, media and the arts in the United States and beyond. Together with London and Tokyo, the city is considered one of the financial centers of the world economy. The metropolitan area… Read More »

Midland-Odessa, Texas

Midland and Odessa are two nearby cities in the United States, located in the western part of the state of Texas. Midland has 131,000 inhabitants and Odessa has 112,000 inhabitants. The urban area has 334,000 inhabitants (2021). Introduction Midland and Odessa are located in West Texas, approximately 70 kilometers from the New Mexico border. Midland… Read More »

Tour New York: the Empire State

Miss Liberty, Wall Street and the Empire State Building: Here’s what comes to mind when touring New York City. In addition to this city, the state of New York (New York State) has much more to offer! Beautiful nature, special cultures and all kinds of influences make a tour of New York State an unforgettable… Read More »

Ohio Highlights

The state of Ohio has a number of unique attractions that make it a special destination to visit. We are happy to give you some inspiration for your next visit to this beautiful state. Traffic In Ohio And The Surrounding Area According to electronicsmatter, the state of Ohio is almost three times the size of… Read More »

Georgia: Peach State

The state of Georgia, also called Peach State or Empire state of the South, is a state in the South of America. Georgia is one of the original thirteen states and was named after King George II of Great Britain. Georgia was founded as a British colony in 1732. Georgia is bordered on the north… Read More »

The Weather in Las Vegas, Nevada

Here you will find the weather forecast for Las Vegas. View the current weather in Las Vegas and the forecast for the coming days, such as temperatures, the chance of precipitation, the wind direction and the wind strength. With this weather data you can see what kind of weather you can expect in Las Vegas.… Read More »

Terlingua Ghost Town, Texas

Terlingua ghost town (USA) – description, history, location. Exact address, phone number, website. Reviews of tourists, photos and videos. Terlingua is one of the famous Texas attractions, a ghost town covered in legends and infamous glory. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was a living working settlement built near the mines from which… Read More »

Barclays Center, New York

Barclays Center (New York, USA) — detailed description, address and photo. Reviews of tourists about the best entertainment in New York. On matchdays for New York Islanders and Brooklyn Nets basketball players at Barclays Center, there’s no room for an apple to fall. The impressive sports arena, opened in 2012, is the home field for… Read More »

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago The city (3,018,000 inhabitants, but over 8,100,000 in the metropolitan area in 1987) is, with New York, the very symbol of modern urbanism. Built on a flat coastal plain, Chicago benefits greatly from the presence of Lake Michigan and from the crossing position of the great transcontinental lines. The city proper is surrounded by… Read More »

Journalism, War and Peace Part I

This year, the Nobel Peace Prize goes to two critical journalists who daily risk a lot to defend human rights and democracy. It is also an encouragement to independent critical journalists around the world. Who are this year’s winners? What is the connection between journalism and democracy? What challenges does journalism face? How can journalism… Read More »

Journalism, War and Peace Part II

5: Four out of five journalist killers go free In the last thirty years, 58 journalists have been killed in Russia , while 87 have been killed in the Philippines . Russia is currently ranked 150th in the World Press Freedom Index , while the Philippines is 137th. The list includes 180 countries. Both in… Read More »

China speaks with a more powerful voice Part II

5: 2014: China became the world’s largest economy 2014 was the year when China overtook the United States and became the world’s largest economy – at least measured by purchasing power. Measured in gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, China is still low compared with the western level. This means that China still has to… Read More »

Increased Interest in the Arctic Part I

The intergovernmental cooperation body Arctic Council has existed since 1996. After a fairly anonymous existence in the first years, it has become the most important forum for the polar region. It gets attention from all over the world. The starting point for establishing the Arctic Council was cooperation on environmental protection and work against pollution.… Read More »

Nobel Peace Prize Part I

On December 10 every year – on the day of the death of the Swedish industrial magnate Alfred Nobel (1833–1896) – the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo City Hall. The award is considered one of the world’s most prestigious awards. From 1901 to 2007, a total of 118 prize winners have been chosen… Read More »

Financial Crisis Part II

4: Real economic effects The lack of confidence and uncertainty in the markets is often concretized when the stock indices (Dow Jones, Nasdaq, DAX, Oslo Børs, etc.) on the world stock exchanges one day fall like a rock, while the next day they soar like a rocket. The question then becomes to what extent this… Read More »

Human Rights Part II

6: Important monitoring bodies In an ideal world, all people have their human rights safeguarded. The reality is that there are many gross violations of human rights in a number of countries where the authorities have neither the will nor the ability to safeguard the rights of the population. This means that the UN and… Read More »

Human Rights Part I

The idea of ​​the rights of the individual and the need to limit the power and abuse of power of the ruler and the rulers is not entirely new. It has grown over several hundred years, but has especially gained momentum in the sails after 1945 – not least the last two to three decades.… Read More »

Attractions for Tourists in Los Angeles

According to petsinclude, Los Angeles itself is not considered a particularly beautiful sight. Nevertheless, numerous sights await there. We have put together a selection of the attractions that await you in the City of Angels here. When you think of Los Angeles, you first think of Hollywood and film studios. Both can be seen during… Read More »

NYC Landmarks

Broadway: Broadway runs diagonally through Manhattan, from the southern tip at Battery Point, past Wall Street and One World Trade Center, through the SoHo district, past the Empire State Building and the Times Square theater districtto Central Park. Statue of Liberty (Statue of Liberty) and Ellis Iceland: Take the ferry to get from Battery Park… Read More »