Teaching Jobs in Massachusetts: K-12 Jobs

By | February 1, 2023

Do you consider becoming a teacher in Massachusetts working with a group of kids throughout the day? Being a Preschool Teacher or Elementary School Teacher will be a challenging but rewarding experience in your life. The following personnel departments of Massachusetts schools release most up-to-date private or public K-12 teaching jobs, teacher assistant jobs and administrative jobs within Massachusetts K12 schools. Please know that some school requires a bachelor degree. If you don’t have one, you can first enroll a college in Massachusetts listed by topschoolsintheusa.

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Job Description Legal Secretary

The legal secretary is another name for the paralegal. However, since the paralegal often has to deal with secretarial tasks, the term legal secretary is not uncommon. The training occupation of paralegal is state-recognized and the training lasts three years.

The place of work is usually at the computer in a notary’s or lawyer’s office, but can occasionally also be in the courtroom or in a client’s private home. The profession of legal secretary offers deep insights into the personal fates of clients and therefore requires extensive confidentiality.

Typical duties of a legal secretary

The field of activity of the legal secretary is extensive. It includes all work that occurs in a law firm. This includes, for example, the preparation of client meetings, the reception and support of clients and the subsequent recording of the meetings. Even in court, the paralegal occasionally has to record negotiations and also conduct the rest of the correspondence with courts and other authorities. This includes the parties (plaintiff or defendant) and their representatives.

Another area of ​​responsibility is assistance in the drafting of legal transactions and contracts, such as rental or lease agreements, powers of attorney, wills, certifications and much more. In addition, day-to-day business also involves classic secretarial tasks, such as taking telephone calls, dealing with correspondence, sometimes based on dictation, scheduling, including calculating deadlines, e.g. for appointments or audits, and organizing and accounting for business trips.

In some cases, the preparation of the bookkeeping can also be one of his tasks. This includes, among other things, the management of operating and balance books, card indexes and archives. The procurement of office supplies and the independent removal of the mail is a matter of course. Depending on the law firm, the legal secretary may also be entrusted with preparing presentations.

Acton Public Schools – Human Resources

Learn about the Acton-Boxborough community, view a staff directory, and check out job postings for teaching or classified positions in this Massachusetts school district.

Website: http://ab.mec.edu/humanresources/

Acton-Boxborough Regional Schools – Job Postings

Seekers of employment in this Massachusetts public school district can check out available job vacancies. Search for teaching, administrative, and classified positions.


Blackstone-Millville Regional Schools – Employment

Learn about available job opportunities and find application forms. Contact details included.

Website: http://www.bmrsd.net/jobs/

Boston Public Schools – Current Openings

Read position descriptions and qualifications. Find contact information and instructions for submitting an application.

Website: http://www.boston.k12.ma.us/jobs/openings.asp

Boston Public Schools – Employment

Information about applying for a job with the Boston, Massachusetts, public school district is available here. Check out vacancy postings and access an application.

Website: http://www.boston.k12.ma.us/jobs/

Cambridge Public Schools – Employment

Find a table of available job opportunities. Includes description, requirements and salary range.

Website: http://www.cps.ci.cambridge.ma.us/admin/Personnel/

Cambridge Public Schools – Human Resources Department

Job postings and employment application forms are available to those seeking work in this Cambridge, Massachusetts, public school district. Access benefit information.


Chicopee Public Schools – Employment

Read about the duties and requirements for becoming a teacher in Chicopee Public School District. Also find contact details.

Website: http://www.chicopee.mec.edu/tetrault.htm

Falmouth Public Schools – Employment

Read about Falmouth’s hiring practices and check out vacancies for teaching and special education teaching. Contact information available.

Website: http://www.falmouth.k12.ma.us/ad/jobs.htm

Harwich Public Schools – Job Postings

Located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, this public school district provides posting and closing dates as well as descriptions for available teaching and classified jobs.

Website: http://www.harwich.edu/depts/hpsadmin/Jobs/postings.htm

Lexington Public Schools – Employment

Check out administrative, certified, classified and coaching opportunities. Includes job fair and contact information.

Website: http://lps.lexingtonma.org/personnel/

Masconomet Regional School District – Employment Opportunities

Based in Topsfield, Massachusetts, this regional school district posts vacancies for available certified and classified positions. Check out teaching job listings.

Website: http://www.masconomet.org/jobops/

Middleborough Schools – Employment Opportunities

View a presentation about employment in this Massachusetts school district located in Middleborough. Access contact information and find available teaching positions.

Website: http://www.middleboro.k12.ma.us/Middleboro/admin/employment2…

Nantucket Public Schools – Employment

Access a list of elementary, middle and high school job vacancies. Contact information included.

Website: http://www.nantucketschools.com/schoolsystem/homepage.htm

Narragansett Regional School District – Job Postings

Click on a position to view a full posting. Massachusetts school district provides job vacancy listings for available certificated, classified, and teaching positions.

Website: http://www.nrsd.org/postings.htm

Natick Public Schools – Employment

View elementary, middle and high school job vacancies, and learn about the application procedure.

Website: http://www.natick.k12.ma.us/personnel/

Needham Public Schools – Employment

Find a list of available positions. Includes job duty descriptions, qualifications, salary range and contact information.

Website: http://fcw6.needham.k12.ma.us/job.postings/

New Bedford Public Schools – Employment

Consult a list of teaching and substitute teaching jobs. Contact information available.

Website: http://www.newbedford.k12.ma.us/AD_VACANCIES.htm

Newton Public School System – Human Resources

Employee benefit and salary information as well as applications are provided by this Massachusetts public school district. View Job listings and access a staff directory.

Website: http://www.newton.mec.edu/HumanResources.htm

Newton Public School System – Jobs

Fill out an application for available certificated, administrative, and classified jobs in this Massachusetts public school district. Check out teaching vacancies.

Website: http://www.newton.mec.edu/HumanResources/jobs.htm

Newton Public School System – Vacancies

Based in Newtonville, Massachusetts, this public school district provides job vacancy listings for those interested in certified or classified employment in the area.

Website: http://www.newton.mec.edu/HumanResources/jobdescript/Miscvac…

Watertown Public Schools – Employment

Investigate job opportunities in Watertown schools. Includes job descriptions, qualifications and application procedure details.

Website: http://info.watertown.k12.ma.us:81/helpwanted/