Teaching Jobs in Montana: K-12 Jobs

By | February 1, 2023

Do you consider becoming a teacher in Montana working with a group of kids throughout the day? Being a Preschool Teacher or Elementary School Teacher will be a challenging but rewarding experience in your life. The following personnel departments of Montana schools release most up-to-date private or public K-12 teaching jobs, teacher assistant jobs and administrative jobs within Montana K12 schools. Please know that some school requires a bachelor degree. If you don’t have one, you can first enroll a college in Montana listed by topschoolsintheusa.

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What is a Head of Treasury?

The Head of Treasury is the financial juggler among the specialists in finance and accounting: together with his team, he ensures that the company has sufficient liquid funds at its disposal at all times.

He is responsible for ensuring that all payment obligations are properly settled at the relevant time, that planned projects can be financed and that there are no payment bottlenecks. Appropriate cash flow planning, including forecasting and control, are among his tasks, as is company-wide cash pooling in group structures.

Leader and Expert Advisor

Through comprehensive liquidity and key figure analysis, the Head of Treasury uncovers optimization options for the company’s liquidity and supports the subsequent implementation. Improvements can be achieved, for example, through the type of warehousing or through appropriate receivables and creditor management.

The Head of Treasury, on the other hand, invests excess funds as profitably as possible, taking into account the respective risks. For this he needs in-depth knowledge of the capital market. Thinking entrepreneurially, he moves the cash, interest and currency positions confidently and risk-consciously. Through detailed treasury reporting, he can provide information about the company ‘s financial situation to his superior, the board of directors or the CFO at any time. He also advises them on all financing and treasury-related issues, such as future project funding or M & A activities.

The Head of Treasury is also the first point of contact for banks and all subsidiaries. Investments find in him an expert sparring partner on the subject of treasury and financing. The employees who report to him work in a highly specialized manner, often have a qualified banking or finance background and are accordingly well versed in the management and investment of funds.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Degree in economics, ideally with a focus on finance and accounting or financing
  • Starting salary: €70,000
  • Top salary: €300,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: CFO, Chief Financial Officer


What does a Head of Treasury do?

  • Responsibility for all of the company’s payment transactions (implementation and monitoring of proper payment transactions, cash management)
  • Liquidity planning including cash flow management (planning, forecasting, control) and working capital management
  • Responsible for the company-wide cash pooling in the group
  • Creation and further development of treasury reporting
  • Advisory function for the board of directors
  • Contact person for banks
  • Support of M&A projects
  • Support for all subsidiaries and affiliated companies in all issues relating to treasury
  • Support for the departments that deal with the financing of their projects
  • professional and disciplinary management of the team and personnel development of the employees


How does one become Head of Treasury?

  • Completed economics degree, ideally with a focus on finance and accounting or financing
  • alternatively: training in the banking sector with corresponding additional qualifications
  • several years of sound professional experience in the field of treasury/finance
  • Solid experience with corporate finance contracts
  • ideally experience with transactions on the capital market
  • Basic knowledge of using the appropriate software (SAP, Sfirm or other treasury management system)
  • business fluent English


What does a Head of Treasury earn?

from 70.000€

up to €300,000

The salary range is very wide – it varies from €70,000 a year for the Treasury Manager of an SME and can peak at €300,000 for the same position in a listed company. Treasurers are generally among the top earners in the finance department. The head of treasury is also on a par with the head of finance. In addition to the size of the company, length of service and relevant professional experience play an important role in salary levels.


What do you expect from the Head of Treasury?

The Head of Treasury works independently, in a structured and goal-oriented manner with a permanent eye on the current and future capital market. He can communicate in an understandable way and clearly present connections and consequences. As a competent contact person for his employees, banks, subsidiaries and last but not least for the Executive Board, he must not be a pure “number nerd”, but must be an excellent listener, assertive and fluent in negotiations.

A Head of Treasury is characterized by sovereignty and resilience, coupled with a great sense of responsibility. If there is a crisis in the company, decisions usually have to be made under great time pressure. If he does not do his job properly, this can be fatal and lead to the company’s illiquidity with far-reaching consequences in terms of the company’s continued existence.


Opportunities for advancement as Head of Treasury

A qualified Head of Treasury has all the requirements to be appointed CFO or Chief Financial Officer. For the head of treasury in a smaller company, a professional advancement is the leap into group treasury, with more complex requirements relating to liquidity planning, cash pooling and financial investments.

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