Teaching Jobs in New Hampshire: K-12 Jobs

By | February 1, 2023

Do you consider becoming a teacher in New Hampshire working with a group of kids throughout the day? Being a Preschool Teacher or Elementary School Teacher will be a challenging but rewarding experience in your life. The following personnel departments of New Hampshire schools release most up-to-date private or public K-12 teaching jobs, teacher assistant jobs and administrative jobs within New Hampshire K12 schools. Please know that some school requires a bachelor degree. If you don’t have one, you can first enroll a college in New Hampshire listed by topschoolsintheusa.

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What is a finance manager?

As a financial all-rounder, a finance manager is responsible for the finances of a company: He is responsible for the preparation of consolidated financial statements, takes care of reporting and the calculation of key figures and analyzes and deals with tax, accounting, liquidity and financing issues.

The Finance Manager controls and optimizes all processes relating to finance and supports the selection and introduction of new systems. He is supported in his tasks by a team of financial specialists, which he leads in a technical and disciplinary manner.

The finance manager holds a very responsible and important position in companies: the management or the board of directors rely on his results and analyzes and often derive strategic decisions from them. Depending on the corporate culture, it may also be the case that the finance manager is consulted on specific strategic decisions.

Generalists with great responsibility

His responsibilities and exact tasks can vary depending on the size and structure of the company: while in large corporations it is often at a team management level that reports to the head of finance, in small and medium-sized companies the finance manager usually reports directly to the CFO or the commercial management.

Global companies with branches in different countries often have a finance manager for each country, who in turn reports to a finance manager. In addition, the larger a company is, the higher the probability that there is a finance manager as an intermediate level who does not report directly to the CFO, but to a head of finance.

In contrast to the past, finance managers now work more as generalists than as specialists, since the sub-areas of finance have grown closer together. The range of tasks is therefore very diverse and varied, but also demanding and demanding. At the same time, finance managers must be very adaptable and solution-oriented. Because not only new legal regulations, but also external drivers such as digitization or globalization influence the scope of tasks and working methods. For example, the number of systems and sources that have to be taken into account when preparing data has increased significantly in recent years. Today, more and more key figures and reports have to be created in ever shorter time frames.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Commercial training with further training as an accountant or similar.
  • Starting salary: €75,000
  • Top salary: €300,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: Head of Finance, CFO, Commercial Director


What does a finance manager do?

  • Responsibility for preparing monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements according to different accounting standards
  • Responsibility and creation of budgets and forecasts
  • internal and external reporting
  • Preparation and review of balance sheets and provisions
  • Control and optimization of all processes related to the finances of a company
  • Technical and, if necessary, disciplinary leadership of a specialist team
  • First point of contact for external contacts such as auditors, tax consultants, etc. as well as internal department heads or directors
  • Report to the head of finance or the commercial director or CFO


How to become a finance manager

A finance manager keeps an overview of the entire financial system of a company and must therefore have a certain degree of specialist knowledge in all sub-areas. It is an advantage if he has gained different experiences after completing his training or studies – for example with regard to the size of the company, industry or areas of responsibility. Specifically, companies will also expect the following skills from a finance manager:

  • Commercial training with further training as an accountant or similar
  • alternatively economic studies with subsequent professional experience in the financial sector or a commercial/tax office
  • Relevant professional experience, at least 5 years in larger companies
  • Balance sheet security according to HGB and, if necessary, international accounting standards
  • Very good knowledge of statutory accounting regulations
  • Very good or business fluent German and English language skills


What does a Finance Manager earn?

from 75.000€

up to €300,000

The gross annual salary of a finance manager can vary between € 75,000 and €300,000. It depends to a large extent on professional experience, the size of the company and the industry. The corporate structure is also a relevant factor: if it is an international company or a conglomerate of parent companies and subsidiaries, finance managers are usually better paid than in a group that only operates in one market or has no subsidiaries . Employees in this position can also try to increase their salary, by moving more tasks into their own area of ​​responsibility or showing the board or management their potential for optimization. In addition, it can make sense to acquire specialist knowledge in special topics that are particularly important for the company.


What do you expect from the Finance Manager?

Finance managers are personalities with a strong sense of cost and responsibility, as well as analytical understanding and a very precise way of working. Since many processes come together at Manager Finance, they always have to keep a cool head, even in stressful times. As a manager, you always keep an eye on the goal, prioritize the tasks — especially at peak times — and guide your employees.

You also need good communication skills and assertiveness to communicate with internal and external stakeholders. Since the legal regulations are constantly changing and developments such as digitization influence the way finance works, managers in finance must have a lot of initiative and an interest in constantly developing their skills.


Opportunities for advancement as Manager Finance

In many companies, depending on the size and structure of the company, finance managers are promoted to head of finance or CFO because they know the company and its figures: they know which figures come from where, how they develop and what effects they have. Therefore, they are often the logical successor to a CFO. In addition, managers in finance also have good opportunities to act as commercial managers in a small or medium-sized company. They are usually independent of the industry.

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