Teaching Jobs in Wyoming: K-12 Jobs

By | February 1, 2023

Do you consider becoming a teacher in Wyoming working with a group of kids throughout the day? Being a Preschool Teacher or Elementary School Teacher will be a challenging but rewarding experience in your life. The following personnel departments of Wyoming schools release most up-to-date private or public K-12 teaching jobs, teacher assistant jobs and administrative jobs within Wyoming K12 schools. Please know that some school requires a bachelor degree. If you don’t have one, you can first enroll a college in Wyoming listed by topschoolsintheusa.

  • Allcitycodes.com: Lists of area codes within Wyoming, including each city and county with dialing codes of Wyoming.

Job Description Foreign Language Secretary

The foreign language secretary is characterized by the fact that he is fluent in one or, in the best case, several foreign languages, both written and spoken, and can also be used for day-to-day secretarial work. He must have a good basic knowledge of business administration, ideally have already gained experience as an assistant to the management and, above all, have knowledge of economic and – after induction – the industry-specific terminology. There are positions for foreign language secretaries in industrial, commercial and service companies, in banks and insurance companies as well as in the public sector. The working environment is offices that have modern means of communication and information. Foreign language secretaries often work in teams with other clerks or employees from different departments.

Part of the job and the typical tasks of a foreign language secretary

One of the main tasks of the foreign language secretary is to translate foreign language correspondence into German. He is usually in close contact with the management level and, based on their dictation, writes reply letters, keywords, business letters and much more. In doing so, he must master and take into account the formal regulations that apply in the respective countries of the target language. Issuing foreign-language invoices and processing forms in a foreign language are also part of his area of ​​responsibility. He writes routine letters independently and makes foreign-language phone calls.

Foreign language secretaries also carry out classic secretarial work, such as organizing and managing the office. They are responsible for processing incoming and outgoing mail, coordinating appointments, monitoring deadlines and planning and carrying out business trips. They are also responsible for e-mail correspondence and the preparation and smooth running of meetings, video conferences and discussions. They are also used for interpreting activities and looking after foreign guests.

Wyoming Job Network

Browse the jobs in the database and find guides to unemployment claims, Federal Pell Grants and other work resources.

Website: http://onestop.state.wy.us/appview/wjn_home.asp

Wyoming Job Network – Job Bank

Job search service provided by this Wyoming education resource posts jobs categorized by school districts and state counties. Enter job preferences to view listings.

Website: http://onestop.state.wy.us/appview/av51.asp?sid=

Wyoming School Boards Association

Serving school board members throughout Wyoming, this education resources provides workshop information and job opportunity listings. Look for teaching position openings.

Website: http://www.wsba-wy.org/

Wyoming School Boards Association – Administrative Openings

Click on a Wyoming school district name and access contact information to inquire about available administrative openings. Search for school principal vacancies.

Website: http://www.wsba-wy.org/admin.htm

Wyoming School Boards Association – District-Wide Positions

Wyoming district contact information can be accessed by clicking on a school name. Access job listings and browse for available counselor and speech therapist vacancies.

Website: http://www.wsba-wy.org/dist.htm

Wyoming School Boards Association – Superintendent Openings

Provides employment opportunity listings for available superintendent job openings in Wyoming. Access contact information for the different school district vacancies.

Website: http://www.wsba-wy.org/supt.htm

Wyoming School Boards Association – Teaching Position Openings

Available teaching positions in Wyoming school districts are posted here. Click on a district name and access contact information to inquire about certificated jobs.

Website: http://www.wsba-wy.org/teach.htm

Attica Central Schools – Job Opportunities

Certified teachers will find job listings for this district. Check out contact details and instructions for application.

Website: http://www.atticacs.k12.ny.us/employment.htm

Big Horn County School District #4 – Administration Jobs

Spotlights available administrative positions in this Basin, Wyoming, school district. Access application procedures and search for management and principal vacancies.

Website: http://www.bgh4.k12.wy.us/employ.htm#Administration

Big Horn County School District #4 – Classified Jobs

Classified employment opportunities in this Basin, Wyoming, school district are highlighted here. Check out available bus driver, clerical, and custodial vacancies.

Website: http://www.bgh4.k12.wy.us/employ.htm#classified%20staff

Big Horn County School District #4 – Employment

Located in Basin, Wyoming, this school district provides administrative, certificated, and classified employment opportunities. Check out application procedures.

Website: http://www.bgh4.k12.wy.us/employ.htm

Big Horn County School District #4 – Teaching Positions

Available teaching and certificated employment opportunities in this Big Horn County, Wyoming, school district are presented here. Fill out a credential application.

Website: http://www.bgh4.k12.wy.us/employ.htm#teachers

Converse County School District #1 – Job Opportunities

Wyoming school district, located in Converse County, provides certificated, classified, and administrative job listings. Access an application form and view postings.

Website: http://www.ccsd1.k12.wy.us/District/Recruitment/recruitment_…

Converse County School District #1 – Job Postings

Take a look at administrative, certified, and classified employment listings for opportunities in this Wyoming school district. Access Converse County information.

Website: http://www.ccsd1.k12.wy.us/District/Recruitment/job_postings…

Johnson County School District #1 – Employment

Find a general list of available jobs. Contact information is included.

Website: http://www.jcsd1.k12.wy.us/employment.htm

Laramie County School District #1 – Employment

Check out job vacancies and learn how to apply. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print application forms.

Website: http://www.laramie1.k12.wy.us/employment/employment.htm

Natrona County Schools – Certified Vacancies

Natrona County School District Department of Certified Personnel provides certificated teaching opportunities. Search for available job vacancies in this Wyoming area.

Website: http://www.trib.com/WYOMING/NCSD/cert.pers.htm

Natrona county schools – Classified Vacancies

Available positions in the Natrona County, Wyoming, school district are posted here. Access the Classified Personnel Office and search for clerical and custodial jobs.

Website: http://www.trib.com/WYOMING/NCSD/clas.pers.htm

Natrona County Schools – Employment

Browse certified and classified job openings. Contact information available.

Website: http://www.trib.com/WYOMING/NCSD/personnel.htm

Sheridan County School District #1 – Employment

Find available opportunities by school and learn about the district’s application process.

Website: http://co.sheridank12.net/jobs.htm

Sweetwater County School District #1 – Employment

Search for classified and certified jobs. Application forms and contact information available.

Website: http://www.sw1.k12.wy.us/ssd/hr.htm

Teton County School District #1 – Employment

View the descriptions and requirements for certified, non certified and administrative vacancies in Teton County School District #1.

Website: http://www.tcsd.org/HumanResources/humanres.htm