Tennessee Volunteer Opportunities

By | February 1, 2023
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Job Description Head of Accounting and Controlling

The head of accounting and controlling is responsible for smooth processes in accounting and controlling in a company and leads his employees accordingly. In addition, he provides crucial support in corporate planning.

The job and the typical tasks of a manager include accounting and controlling

The head of accounting and controlling runs a controlling system that covers all areas of the company. Together with his team, he develops and further develops business analyzes and profitability calculations and ensures regular reporting to the management.

He is responsible for the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements as well as for the ongoing maintenance of subsidiary and general ledgers. His team develops meaningful key figures (KPIs) and cross-plant cost and efficiency comparisons.

In addition, the head of accounting and controlling carries out deviation analyses, including the creation of suitable countermeasures. He is responsible for incoming invoice processing and invoicing as well as for internal reporting including quarterly reporting. In addition, he deals with tax issues and carries out intercompany reconciliations.

The head of accounting and controlling is the contact for auditors, tax consultants and financial institutions. He analyzes the current business development based on the planning and develops impulses for any necessary adjustments. He also controls planning and forecasting processes and further develops existing controlling systems.

With the help of his team, the Head of Accounting and Controlling is to continuously introduce new methods and systems and further develop processes and procedures to increase efficiency.

Appalachian Service Project

Application process, opportunities in the youth program, adult program and family program, and volunteer workshops are explained.

Website: http://www.asphome.org/vopport.htm

Bradley County Volunteer Fire Dept.

Visit the fallen fire fighter memorial or go to a specific station to learn how to become a member of the volunteer staff.

Website: http://www.angelfire.com/tn/BCVFD/

Historical Society Volunteer News

Volunteers can lead school tours, help in the museum shop, and assist in museum projects. Print the available application to become a volunteer.

Website: http://www.korrnet.org/eths/volunteer.htm

Knowles Senior Center Programs

Volunteer programs include RSVP, phone friends, and senior to student mentoring. Interested parties can call the center for more details.

Website: http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/1008/programs.htm

Missing Children Foundation

Non-profit group of volunteers work to recover missing children. People wanting to volunteer or donate money can contact the foundation here.

Website: http://www.compu.net/mtmcf/

Nancy’s House: AIDS Support

Volunteer run program provides support group, education, resources, and legal aid to people infected with HIV. Learn how to volunteer services.

Website: http://nancyshouse.home.mindspring.com/

Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center

People interested in Earth literacy and sustainable living can volunteer by building Earth-friendly living systems, fundraising, and marketing.

Website: http://www.korrnet.org/narrowr/volun.htm

Nashville CARES

AIDS awareness organization is staffed by volunteers who work in client services, fundraising, education, and special events planning.

Website: http://www.nashvillecares.org/volunteerservices/frame.htm

Nashville Homeless Shelters

Directory of homeless shelters in Nashville includes phone numbers and addresses for people interested in volunteering to contact.

Website: http://www.hud.gov/local/nas/nas_shel.htm

Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee

Runs abuse prevention and treatment services for families, including parenting classes and support groups, a help line and Parent Pathways.

Website: http://www.pcat.org/vol.htm

Senior Corps

Seniors can register in order to participate in programs like Foster Grandparents, RSVP community service, and the Senior Companion Program.

Website: http://www.seniorcorps.org.htm

Tenn. – American Cancer Society

Learn how to participate in support for cancer research, public education, services for patients and their families and patient advocacy.

Website: http://www2.cancer.org/state/tn/frameP.htm