The Best of The Week in Jezebel. 3-January 9

Our first “best of the week” of 2011 can’t come more packed with advances in collections, new campaigns, ideas for markdowns, catalogs and even controversial. It may not be that we begin the year yawn of boredom before the scarcity of news.

Begin with what chills our pockets and cabinets January after January, the long-awaited sale of January and our tips on how to succeed in sales. Do you go by patriotic design and? low-cost?  not buy now on sale Zara which will bear this spring?. And if you’re ansiáis to emulate the style of Alexa Chung, We can achieve this through the collection of Madewell who was inspired by it British girl par excellence for its designs, styles and even model.

We also propose the Super La Redoute catalogue with the brilliant Lou Dillon. We continue with the progress of new collections, in this case with white, who take the figure of a super Jackie Onassis, borrowed to start with its proposals for the season.

Anxious for spring to come? New Chanel campaign us closer. And a great idea that had some of the designers of footwear in the country, and therefore the world, to commemorate with their designs on the occasion of the Goya best Spanish films, and make presentation concerning.

And how not, talk about controversies that arise from time to time on the occasion of official events, this time from the looks of Carmen Chacon and Princess Letizia at the military Easter would say whether or not the Protocol?

We continue with magazines, as the Candy magazine as your very careful and Super, although risky publishing where he presents current fashion gurus personified in transvestites so similar, that we could confuse them. And why not one of covers? Especially a you have alot, Victoria Beckham.

The cover of the surprise wedding of Elsa Pataki, the collection of H & M Divided for the spring, the most anticipated spring campaigns or how to return to work with the best looks of the streetstylers..

Someone give more?