The Fashion2Go Is in the Air, Send Us Your Look!

Since the beginning of the Channel Male we receive messages from readers wanting to send photos of their outfits to be published on the site, but we always think that this type of information would be lost in the midst of the style tips, product launches and men’s fashion, and other content present on the site. Some time ago we began to think of a side project, almost a hot-site, where we would organize all this material in a way nice, that was powered by our audience and that, in some way, surrender a recognition of the skill and good taste to assemble beautiful and creative combinations. Thus came the Fashion2Go!

The Fashion2Go Is in the Air, Send Us Your Look

There you can submit via the form, your data and your photo for evaluation and if the visual to “win our hearts” will be published, yielding up to some comments of the editors on the parts that were used and ways to adapt the combo for other occasions or climates.

– Is there more?

If it were only that the Fashion2Go could already be considered a project worthy of attention, after all, as far as we know, is the only site streetstyle male from Brazil. But don’t stop there, we count with the support of Levi’s the more traditional brand of jeanswear on the planet, and on a monthly basis she will “like” two photos, whose authors will be presented with their products, that is, as long as it has designer so sending treat for the artist and socialite, we want the tags to narrow the relationship with our readers and do them to be rewarded for your style! In fact, we have more people coming with products, male grooming, accessories and footwear, we are talking with all the companies that can add value to the site and, of course, to your closet!

– Is the sweepstakes or contest?

None of the two, the mark can you give for your good taste, your daring or even because they think that a piece of them in your repertoire will help you to create looks best. If you want to know more about the functioning of the site, visit our FAQ, it has all very well explained there.

– Is this it?

Only? You want more? Well… um… actually has more yes! The Channel Male will benefit from his younger brother, already that we will have a visual guide of the tastes and choices of the brazilian man, allowing you to create a content much more personalized and targeted to our audience. We know, for example, which is catching on outside of the Rio/Sao Paulo and we can give tips as well more targeted enforcement for the people of certain regions that lack vehicles information of fashion-focused in your profile.In addition, we may provide data to the brands rethink their collections, avoiding the release of clothing that does not meet the expectations of the public, or even including parts of desire has not yet mapped its cool hunters.

– Shut up and take my money!

Not my friend, you don’t pay anything, just send cool photos, comment on posts, encouraging other people to participate and promote your site, so we will have a huge source of reference in men’s fashion that, in addition to everything else, yields of cool things to those who help to make: you!


Types of photos that you can send:

Look – create a beautiful combination and a bold, photograph (preferably a piece to another person to do this) and send it to us with the description and a comment about the occasion where you wore the costume.

Set – if you do not like to stay if you’re shooting all the time, you can select a combo that you think is perfect, record, and send the image to the Fashion2Go, it counts as a look, and you can also receive a enjoy from some of our partners.