The Spectacular Cover of Mia Washikowska a Thing Eddie Sedgwick

A few months ago, in Jezebel, already you are talking about one of the actresses that more was going to have to talk about in 2011. Chosen as one of the best dressed by Teen Vogue young, protagonist of one of the films of the year and with a delicate and magnetic beauty presents the Australian MIA Washikowska.

Another more magazine has been interested in the young for their cover of the month of April. It is of BlackBook, Journal of trends and art that has taken the spectacular beauty of Mia with a photo shoot in which It reminds us to the very same Eddie Sedgwick.

We saw the 60´s follow fashion and that the inspiration of this decade can no see neither a season with colorful clothes, hairstyles to the garcon and pursued banana in the eye accompanied of much mascara.

A powerful and dazzling home where is MIA Washikowska the most favoured and also keeps similar with other actresses of fashion, January Jones of Mad Men series.

What do you think?