Tour New York: the Empire State

By | December 3, 2022

Miss Liberty, Wall Street and the Empire State Building: Here’s what comes to mind when touring New York City. In addition to this city, the state of New York (New York State) has much more to offer! Beautiful nature, special cultures and all kinds of influences make a tour of New York State an unforgettable experience. Discover here what you should see during your tour!


As many as 80% of residents have settled in one of New York State’s six major cities. These cities are Albany, New York City, Utica, Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo. The capital is not the bustling New York City, which is often thought. This title goes to the lesser known Albany. That is remarkable, because this city has about 100,000 people, while New York City has more than 90 million inhabitants!

It may not be the capital, but NYC is extremely popular with tourists. Partly because of the iconic Statue of Liberty (see photo), Wall Street, the immense Empire State Building and the impressive 9/11 memorial (Ground Zero), this city is a must-see during your tour of New York State.


According to smber, New York State does not have its own national parks, but nature is no less beautiful for that. There are many rivers and lakes in the state, the most important of which is the 507-kilometer Hudson River. The lakes Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and Lake Champlain are also very worthwhile!

One of the state’s most impressive and best-known natural phenomena lies to the north on the border with Canada. the Niagara Falls! These wild falls consist of three parts: the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. The last two are in America, American Falls is the largest of these.

Lovers of wild nature areas can also go here. The aforementioned Adirondack Mountains are a true feast for the eyes. With towering, snow-capped peaks, breathtaking mountain lakes and imposing animals such as moose and black bear, this mountain range is highly recommended during your tour of New York.


There are many cultural differences within the diverse state, which you will certainly experience during your tour. The more sparsely populated north of the state, upstate New York, is more conservative and rural than the rest. In the south it is more progressive and urban. Christianity is the largest religion in New York State, followed by Judaism.

Don’t be surprised if you encounter many Dutch influences during your tour of New York State! Names like Harlem (Haarlem), Brooklyn (Breukelen) and Orange have Dutch origins. This is because we as Dutch people were one of the first settlers in the current territory of the state. This is guaranteed to give your tour an extra dimension!


Because New York is a large state, there are several climates to be found. In the southeast, where NYC is located, there is a warm maritime climate. Further inland to the north you will find a warm continental climate. The northernmost point near Canada has a cold continental climate, a clear difference with the south of the state. In general, summers are often very hot and winters very cold. The region is known for the volatility of the weather and the extremes that come with it. Heat waves, hurricanes and extreme winters are no stranger to New York State.

Indian Summer is also a wonderful time to visit New York State. That is from mid-September to mid-November. You will then see a beautifully colored nature, which results in the most beautiful photos! The temperature is around 21 degrees during that period.

Tour of New York State

Those who make a tour of New York should not miss the Niagara Falls and Mount Marcy (the highest mountain in the state), in addition to NYC. These impressive phenomena make your tour complete. Most routes start and end in NY City. From there you can easily make trips to Albany and Rhode Island, for example.

Those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city can indulge themselves in the northwest of the state. Here are the lakes Lake Ontario (see photo) and Lake Erie, both popular stopping places. The mix between the colorful cities and vast nature reserves make your tour of New York State complete!

Tour of New York State