Trends Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: Luxury Leather Is an Investment for a Lifetime

I like leather, in my Cabinet there are a few items of this material because it combines well with almost everything, well resists the passage of time (even at times wins over time), so I do not care to pay more by quality leather garments, because I know that if you buy something leather you have it for life. A purchase of fashion who buy more, is an investment.

This fall the leather shines in all kinds of garments, from classic coats and jackets, even in tops, skirts, dresses and pants. The leather pants they are a very modern garment for day to day, which this season has almost replaced the cowboy as a casual garment. In addition, leather is dyed in all kinds of colors, because every time it is a more malleable material to work with it, modify it and make it soft and light. In lowcost store them also there are clothes for everyone so we wear leather whenever you want.

Alexander Wang

Obscurantist proposals of Alexander Wang married well with a tough material such as leather. Oversize jackets to keep warm in winter and a skirt of flight in leather that forms a very copied look in our day to day with a sweater over.

3.1 Phillip Lim

This firm shows us how the leather You can take it in all kinds of garments and that combines well with all types of textures. The leather is modernized and is used like never before.


The proposals of Altuzarra with the leather carry applications of skin in the neck to make still more cold-resistant garments. The leather I like also to use it as a superposition, under the trench coat,… or over.

Zero + Maria Cornejo

This signature is what brings more color to leather, trousers and dresses that are stained blue or red. Current proposals that make us forget that the leather is too classic.

Although if I have to meet with a pledge of full post (plan closes the eyes that I give a material desire), ask leather dress of Prabal Gurung you open the post. That is luxury.