Trends Low-Cost Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: Are You Going to Be without Your Sweatshirt of Flowers?

Flowers, like stripes, the pictures and the Leopard-print have been with us since who knows when, and also seem to not want to leave. The downside of this is when a brand like Acne strives to fall in love with a sweatshirt, and obviously get it, since then you do not have eyes but for the garment, but in addition to having a price of 200 euros, it is dead!, so what better than some low-cost to combat this need of? floral Sweatshirt?

He knew that neither Zara, Neither White or any of the big chain stores Spanish I would disappoint, and it has been, all of them are full of flowers hoodies and also there is something for everyone.

  • Sweater in dark gray with coral Mango blossoms, by 25,99 EUR.
  • Sweatshirt with black background and small flowers of Zara, for 19.95 euros.
  • Grey sweatshirt with white flowers, for 22.99 euros.

The dark tones predominate in this piece, although the station with the number 15 seems a nice option to break the rules, in addition the sporty style also is trend So what more can ask for?

  • Sweatshirt quilted with Mango blossoms, for 29.99 euros.
  • Sweat-shirt with the number and background of flowers of Zara, 22.95 euros.
  • Hoodie quilted sleeves of flowers of white, 22.99 euros.

Grey and pink tones have also made an appearance thanks to Mango y Pull & Bear, but, Hey, this central Sweatshirt is very similar to one of the Ana Locking McGuffin!!

  • Grey sweatshirt with Mango floral print by 25,99 EUR.
  • Flowers with white letters of Zara sweatshirt, 22.95 euros.
  • Asymmetric sweatshirt with small flowers of Pull & Bear, for 19.99 euros.