Trends Low-Cost Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: Skirt Comes in The Form of Sarong

There are times that we do not learn of the presence of a trend. firms slip us a subliminal advertising and We accept it without any pretext, and one day zas! awake the dream. Eh! Where I saw that skirt? And you start to remember and you realize that you’ve seen it in several shops in different versions. That happened to me this season with the type pareo skirts they leave a front triangle that makes it sexy. In version tube, mini and made with thousand and one various tissues. Are you going to stay with what version? Come, look and choose.

Zara, birthplace of trends

  • Type suit in grey and tube up to the height of the knees. For 29.95 euros.
  • Mini version and emulating the marble pattern. For 29.95 euros.
  • In tweed with details such as skin edges. For 39.95 euro.

There for all tastes (and pockets) at ASOs

  • In gray tweed with elegant details in black. Of Warehouse by 54,80 EUR.
  • Love has me skirt cross patterned slate in Navy Blue with black accents. It is of Whistles per 171,24 EUR.
  • Cross with finish and metallic jacquard miniskirt. Of ASOs by 35,62 EUR.

Would you like to go for something stronger? Do it with Three Floor

  • In three different colors with a wide ruffle front. Per 197,27 EUR.
  • Pictures of electric blue and black in XXL version. Per 134,25 EUR.