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By | February 1, 2023
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What is a picture roller?

The word billroller is a neologism of the word bookkeeper and controller. Ideally, bill rollers fulfill the function of an internal controller with the knowledge of an accountant – or an accountant with the basic business understanding of a controller.
Medium-sized companies in particular like to use this double professional function, perhaps even better: double skills – the recommendations of a controller can only be more well-founded if he understands how to interpret the data from his own balance sheet accounting. It is also possible that SMEs do not have enough potential for two full-time positions. Then it makes sense to combine two positions into one for reasons of cost.

Note: The artificial word ‘biltroller’ has obviously not (yet) established itself on a broad basis. In terms of content, the job requirements are mostly more about ‘controller with accountant qualification’ or ‘accountant with controller qualification’.

Not created, but rather grown

The job profile of the bill roller is therefore less a created job with clearly defined functions and more a result of the demand from small and medium-sized companies for ‘their’ accountant or ‘their’ controller to have more work. This has consequences, because the term is still hardly found in job advertisements or in everyday language – presumably many even practice the profession without calling themselves that.

Bill rollers have usually proven themselves in classic external accounting, bookkeeping, and integrate this knowledge into their further development (also) to becoming a controller. You have a secure balance sheet and use your knowledge from both areas; With their profound knowledge of recorded data and key figures, they are at home in internal and external accounting and can inform and advise the company management effectively, specifically and professionally.

Experts in both worlds – and contact person for (almost) everything

Controllers are necessarily dependent on the data from accounting, because planning needs figures from external accounting, and variance analyzes cannot be carried out without figures from accounting. Key figures can also be better interpreted and conclusions better justified if you understand the accounting data and know exactly what they contain.

Conversely, accountants are experts in all internal processes; they know about the processes and how the assessments come about. So who, if not them, could be in a better position to offer tailor-made controlling services?

As connoisseurs of both worlds, Biltroller support management in business decisions, such as investments or tax planning measures at the end of the year, by also pointing out accounting and tax aspects; Through their work, they help to ensure that specific questions from banks or other investors are answered in a well-founded manner.

Best prospects for ambitious professionals

The management has another advantage with the function of the bill roller: they only have one person with whom they can discuss all business matters – and they only have to pay one specialist. However, this will cost more than two half-skilled workers, because the falling number of applicants for jobs in the financial sector is offset by a growing number of applicants who lack the necessary digital skills. The salary prospects for Biltroller are therefore good, but require excellent technical and digital knowledge in both areas.

In summary, there is a lot to be said for the fact that accounting and controlling tasks, especially in SMEs, will more often come ‘from a single source’ in the future. And it can also be assumed that well-founded contributions to corporate management will also pave the way for picture rollers into management.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Qualification as an accountant or controller as well as work experience / double qualification as “Certified Accountant & Controller IHK“
  • Starting salary: €35,000
  • Top salary: over €80,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: commercial manager, head of finance, in large companies advancement to head of group accounting


What does a picture roller do?

Biltroller are experts in both balance sheet accounting and controlling:

As an accountant, you are responsible for recording all financial transactions, preparing financial statements and properly reporting to the financial and tax authorities.

In their capacity as controllers, they monitor the financial status of a company: they help with the creation and consolidation of budgets, determine financial requirements, analyze and control financial planning and advise on investments.

They combine their extensive knowledge to create (deviation) analyzes based on accounting data, to develop well-founded proposals for the optimization of operational processes and to provide controlling services.

As a rule, they report to the responsible managing director, in the case of large medium-sized companies to the CFO or the CEO.


How do you become a picture roller?

The training to become a bill roller is a career that reflects the further training of an accountant to become a controller or that of a controller with an additional qualification to become an accountant.

These two backgrounds come together in the IHK training course for “Certified Accountant & Controller IHK”.

Requirements for accountants

  • Degree in a recognized commercial or administrative training occupation and at least three years of commercial professional experience or
  • University degree in economics or a successful degree in business administration from a vocational academy and at least two years of professional experience
  • Qualification as an accountant

Requirements for controllers

  • Degree in a recognized commercial or administrative training occupation plus three years of professional experience or
  • Economics studies with a focus on finance/controlling and two years of professional experience
  • Bachelor in Accounting, Finance or Business Administration helpful
  • Qualification as a certified controller


What does a picture scooter earn?

from 35.000€

up to €80,000

Accountants and controllers earn between €35,000 and €50,000 at the beginning of their career, but the starting salary varies greatly depending on the industry, company size and location. Here, too, the demand for specialists from the financial sector is greater than the supply, which will have a positive effect on salary developments in the coming years from the applicant’s perspective: Salaries will rise.


What do you expect from the Biltroller?

  • An affinity for numbers, analytical thinking, competence in the matter and an understanding of business processes are just as necessary as ‘creativity on the ground of reality’, commitment, willingness to discuss and team spirit.
  • Strong communication skills – also in presentations and possibly also in English – and willingness to engage in constructive dialogue contribute to becoming a valued interlocutor both internally and externally.
  • ‘Lifelong learning’ is an absolute requirement in order to always be up to date with legislation and technical developments.
  • Tried and tested in common accounting programs such as SAP, DATEV, Navision or Lexware


Opportunities for advancement as a ticket scooter

Due to the shortage of skilled workers, specialists in finance and accounting generally have good career opportunities; the prospects are also positive in the medium term. Accountants and controllers who are secure in their accounts are particularly in demand – if they combine their training and skills from both worlds and make a name for themselves as book rollers on the market, this is equivalent to a job guarantee.

Opportunities for advancement: In SMEs in particular, the chances of being promoted to commercial manager, finance manager or accounting manager are good to very good.

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