What Is Normcore and Why You Do Not Need to Worry about It

To this point of the season, the word “normcore” should already have appeared in your timeline of Facebook , or has been cited by someone whose profile you follow on Twitter. The term seems to come from nothing, and without a translation, but it’s the fusion of two words of English (normal + hardcore), and, in a sociological analysis, serves to designate an individual who adapts easily to situations, something connected to the ability of young people today participate in a variety of environments, due to a personality simple and functional. This concept would have expression also in the clothes stripped, that does not seek to create a striking personality, in order to facilitate this mix and inclusion.

What Is Normcore and Why You Do Not Need to Worry about It

As the fashion world likes to take advantage of neologisms and new ideas, chew them, and return a concept shallow, ready to be placed on a store shelf at the disposal of those who believe in everything that is published there, the “normcore” is identified by the magazines and specialized sites as a way of dressing where the individual leaves aside the more elaborate and embraces items such as the sweatshirt, pants or shorts chino and t-shirts basic. If you thought that the costume used to go to the “padoca” on a Sunday morning, is very close to deciphering this trend in all its splendor, because in the universe of fashion, the term indicates someone who dresses like a “normal person”, probably in the vision of a stylist, a resident of a mega-apartment in front of the Central Park and once in a while comes out of there to have a chat with the concierge.

Other publications like the NY Times, for example, do you think that this wave does not pass of a trick, those that arise on the internet from time to time, that the whole world believes, then discovers the truth and gives a laugh to the yellow, pretending to find grace in the situation. The magazine GQ american came to create a list of 10 reasons why the normcores are idiots, in a clear demonstration of repudiation for those who are planning to follow a fashion that has as base the use of the sandals with sock.

But all of that comes a question: in a country like Brazil, where the Hering and the large networks of fast fashion are passage required of almost all social classes, as they will keep the brands that try to convince a citizen to buy more white t-shirt, or a grey sweatshirt merges? The brazilian is already normcore since birth and one of the greatest missions of the Channel, the Male is just to insert a little more of the culture of fashion in the modern man, something that I admit I have improved a lot in the last 10 years. Is that the plan is to decay for, in the near future, to sell again all that was offered at the beginning of the 21st century as increments to the wardrobe and masculine?

The opinion of the author

You know that tendency that they tried to release 20 years ago and today we remember and we laugh as she came to nothing in spite of the optimistic predictions of the enthusiasts? That is how I see this story of “normcore”. Even so, the fashion industry, desperate for the themes that injetem a bit of cheer in a scenario clearly dull, clings to this “movement” in the hope of finding a lifeline. Can talk to who is detached or stripped, I call the slouch!

Note: the photo that illustrates this article was the closest we were able to the visual normcore, but if we take the concept to the letter, this tone-on-tone of green is very sophisticated for the fans of this visual.