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Maputo, Mozambique

The city of Maputo was built around a Portuguese fortress in the 19th century. and flourished for a long time. However, 20 years of war did not pass without a trace for him, and today, despite the status of the capital, it is still a rather poor African city. However, he is poor, only when… Read More »

Things to Do in Center Region, France

The Center region, as the name suggests, is located in the central part of France. The region is surrounded by the regions of Île-de-France, Burgundy, Auvergne, Limousin, Poitou-Charentes, Pays de la Loire, Basse-Normandie and Haute-Normandie. The city of Orléans is the largest city and the capital of the region. Other major towns in the region… Read More »

Sights of Utrecht, Netherlands

According to Aviationopedia, Utrecht is the capital of the province of the same name. Thanks to its central location, Utrecht has been able to grow into the fourth largest city in the Netherlands. The Romans already discovered around the year 50 that this was a great place strategically. They already built a fort here. Utrecht… Read More »

Cross County Parkway, New York

Cross County Parkway Reference Route 907K Get started Yonkers End Mount Vernon Length 4 mi Length 7 km Route 1 Saw Mill River Parkway 3 Yonkers Avenue 4 Seminary Avenue 5 → New York City / Albany 6 Kimball Avenue 7 Bronx River Parkway 8 Mount Vernon 10 Hutchinson River Parkway According to transporthint, the… Read More »

Interstate 95 in North Carolina

  I-95 Begin Rowland End Pleasant Hill Length 181 mi Length 292 km Route South Carolina 2 Rowland 7 McDonald 10 13 → Rockingham / Wilmington 17 Lumberton 19 Lumberton 20 Lumberton 22 25 31 St. Pauls 33 40 41 Hope Mills 44 Fayetteville Regional Airport 46 → Fayetteville 49 East Fayetteville 52 East Fayetteville… Read More »

US 72 in Alabama

  US 72 Get started margin End Bridgeport Length 168 mi Length 270 km Route Mississippi Florence Athens Huntsville Scottsboro Tennessee According to bestitude, US 72 is a US Highway in the US state of Alabama. The road forms a 2×2 east-west route through the north of the state, passing through the cities of Florence… Read More »

US 199 and 20 in Oregon

US 199 in Oregon US 199 Get started O’Brien End Grants Pass Length 43 mi Length 69 km Route California Cave Junction Grants Pass According to ablogtophone, US 199 is a US Highway in the US state of Oregon. The road forms a north-south route in the southwestern part of the state, from the California… Read More »

The Weather in Las Vegas, Nevada

Here you will find the weather forecast for Las Vegas. View the current weather in Las Vegas and the forecast for the coming days, such as temperatures, the chance of precipitation, the wind direction and the wind strength. With this weather data you can see what kind of weather you can expect in Las Vegas.… Read More »

Northern Ireland Travel Tips

Located in north-western Europe, Great Britain consists of four parts: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. So you should definitely remember: Great Britain is not the same as England. However, the capital of Great Britain is London . Surrounded by the Atlantic , Great Britain only borders Ireland in the south-west, which, unlike Northern Ireland,… Read More »

Resorts and Attractions in India

The highest mountains of the Earth are the Himalayas (the highest point in India is Mount Nangaparbat; 8126 m), the sacred river Ganges, the tropical forests of the Western Ghats with rich flora and fauna. According to Phonejust, India is considered quite a popular country for tourists. You can travel to this country year after… Read More »

New Zealand Market Opportunities

Supplies of industrial machinery for agriculture and industry (especially the food industry) are promising. Opportunities exist for the delivery of small transport aircraft and light rail transport systems. The most promising items for Czech exports, sectors for investment, privatization and development projects The state agency New Zealand Trade and Enterprise ( ) is responsible… Read More »

Uzbekistan Market Opportunities

According to the available data, stable economic growth can be observed in Uzbekistan in the last decade, which ranged from 5 to 6%. In 2020, despite the covid-19 pandemic, Uzbekistan’s GDP grew by 1.6%, which means that Uzbekistan, as the only country in the Central Asia region and one of the few countries in the… Read More »

Georgia Market Opportunities

MFA: Strategic opportunities for foreign exporters Georgia responded to the pandemic right from the start by introducing strict measures that had a significant negative impact on the economy. There was a decrease in GDP by 6.1%, foreign trade by 14.8%, the downward trend in the inflow of foreign investments continued, and the number of foreign… Read More »

Visa, Embassy and Holidays in Reunion, France

VISAS, ENTRY RULES, CUSTOMS REGULATIONS in Reunion, France To travel to Reunion, Russian citizens need to apply for a visa at the French Visa Application Center, since Reunion is an Overseas Department of France. Before submitting documents, a few weeks before the trip, you need to sign up by phone 784-71-47 (on weekdays from 9:00… Read More »

Ecotourism and Hiking in Canary Islands, Spain

The main attraction of the Canary Islands is an extinct Teide volcano (3718 m) – rises in the center of the island of Tenerife. The volcano formed about 180 thousand years ago in the caldera of an older volcano, the height of which reached 6000 m. The volcano is protected by the national park of… Read More »

Nikolaevsk, Russia

Off the coast of the Vanino region in the Tatar Strait, the island of Toki with a rookery of pinnipeds is interesting, and the valley of the Tumnin River, which flows through the territory of the region, is a very picturesque place where you can see rocky landscapes, interesting backwaters and channels, as well as… Read More »

Rome, Lazio (Italy)

According to Lawfaqs, Rome is the “eternal city”, one of the most ancient, legendary and beautiful European capitals, once the center of the great Roman Empire. The city is located off the western coast of the Apennine Peninsula near the confluence of the Tiber River into the Tyrrhenian Sea. Rome is the administrative center of… Read More »

Terlingua Ghost Town, Texas

Terlingua ghost town (USA) – description, history, location. Exact address, phone number, website. Reviews of tourists, photos and videos. Terlingua is one of the famous Texas attractions, a ghost town covered in legends and infamous glory. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was a living working settlement built near the mines from which… Read More »

Barclays Center, New York

Barclays Center (New York, USA) — detailed description, address and photo. Reviews of tourists about the best entertainment in New York. On matchdays for New York Islanders and Brooklyn Nets basketball players at Barclays Center, there’s no room for an apple to fall. The impressive sports arena, opened in 2012, is the home field for… Read More »

Czech Republic Encyclopedia

At the center of Europe When we speak of Central Europe, of “Middle Europe”, we also and above all speak of the Czech Republic: the westernmost territory inhabited by Slavic peoples, between German lands in terms of language and culture. For centuries, a country of contacts and contrasts, but deeply embedded in rich and developed… Read More »

Top 12 Resorts in Spain

Incendiary flamenco, bullfighting, delicious paella and hot sangria… And hundreds of unusual seaside resorts for every taste and budget. You can get acquainted with the sights of the Basque country throughout your vacation, traveling from the capital to the most remote corners. Visiting museums in major cities and getting to know the local culture and… Read More »

Top 17 Most Romantic Places in Europe on Valentine’s Day

Looking for a place to go for Valentine’s Day, don’t know where to spend your honeymoon or celebrate your wedding year? Discover tours for Valentine’s Day. Visit the best romantic corners of France, Great Britain, unforgettable medieval cities and castles, as well as sea coasts that promise an interesting joint vacation. European Best Destinations named… Read More »

Papua New Guinea Attractions

The Sepik River This river is the longest in Papua New Guinea. It meanders from the mountains near the Indonesian border through undeveloped areas of jungle, swamps and grasslands before reaching the 1.6 km wide estuary. The Sepik forms countless tortuous waterways, lakes, tributaries, swamps and lagoons. Some channels were created for straightening. The Tambaran… Read More »

Attractions of Ontario, Canada

Off to the skis According to topschoolsintheusa, Ontario has a huge selection of great ski resorts. Whether skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing, winter sports enthusiasts are spoiled for choice in Ontario from around 60 unique ski areas. The largest ski area is the Blue Mountain Resort Collingwood. The Mountain View Midland ski area offers… Read More »

4 Reasons to Visit Iran

Antisex In the country, at the state level, religious moral norms are fixed, which, in fact, should have been characteristic of us Christians. After all, both Islam and Christianity have the same roots – both “Abrahamic religions”, based on the ideas of similar eternal values, where “fornication” and “adultery” are mortal sins. Thus, close relationships… Read More »

Shopping and Eating in Turkmenistan

Shopping According to topschoolsintheusa, carpets and horses are the two main treasures of Turkmenistan. It is unlikely that it will be possible to take home a handsome Akhal-Teke horse (although nothing is impossible), but anyone can buy an authentic Turkmen carpet or rug. The largest selection is in the bazaars of Ashgabat, as well as… Read More »

First Impressions of Taiwan

Taiwan – where old and new meet and are always looking for new harmonies. Millennia-old Chinese culture and cutting-edge technology of the 21st century Mountain panoramas are the cornerstones. Incomparably beautiful mountain panoramas, mountain gorges and rock formations are still able to inspire and challenge poets, painters and sculptors today. The content and values ​​of… Read More »

State Structure and Political System of Argentina

According to topschoolsintheusa, Argentina is a federal republic. The country has a Constitution of 1853. It has been repeatedly amended. The latter were introduced in 1994. Argentina includes 23 provinces and the federal capital district of the provinces: Buenos Aires, Jujuy, Catamarca, Cordoba, Corrientes, La Plata, La Rioja, Mendoza, Misiones, Neuquen, Tierra del Fuego, Rio… Read More »

Politics and Education of Uruguay

State structure and political system of Uruguay Uruguay is a constitutional republic. On November 27, 1966, the Constitution was adopted, which entered into force in February 1967, was repealed on June 27, 1973. The new Constitution did not pass by referendum on November 30, 1980, two constitutional reforms were adopted by plebiscite on November 26,… Read More »