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Papua New Guinea Attractions

The Sepik River This river is the longest in Papua New Guinea. It meanders from the mountains near the Indonesian border through undeveloped areas of jungle, swamps and grasslands before reaching the 1.6 km wide estuary. The Sepik forms countless tortuous waterways, lakes, tributaries, swamps and lagoons. Some channels were created for straightening. The Tambaran… Read More »

Attractions of Ontario, Canada

Off to the skis According to topschoolsintheusa, Ontario has a huge selection of great ski resorts. Whether skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing, winter sports enthusiasts are spoiled for choice in Ontario from around 60 unique ski areas. The largest ski area is the Blue Mountain Resort Collingwood. The Mountain View Midland ski area offers… Read More »

4 Reasons to Visit Iran

Antisex In the country, at the state level, religious moral norms are fixed, which, in fact, should have been characteristic of us Christians. After all, both Islam and Christianity have the same roots – both “Abrahamic religions”, based on the ideas of similar eternal values, where “fornication” and “adultery” are mortal sins. Thus, close relationships… Read More »

Shopping and Eating in Turkmenistan

Shopping According to topschoolsintheusa, carpets and horses are the two main treasures of Turkmenistan. It is unlikely that it will be possible to take home a handsome Akhal-Teke horse (although nothing is impossible), but anyone can buy an authentic Turkmen carpet or rug. The largest selection is in the bazaars of Ashgabat, as well as… Read More »

First Impressions of Taiwan

Taiwan – where old and new meet and are always looking for new harmonies. Millennia-old Chinese culture and cutting-edge technology of the 21st century Mountain panoramas are the cornerstones. Incomparably beautiful mountain panoramas, mountain gorges and rock formations are still able to inspire and challenge poets, painters and sculptors today. The content and values ​​of… Read More »

State Structure and Political System of Argentina

According to topschoolsintheusa, Argentina is a federal republic. The country has a Constitution of 1853. It has been repeatedly amended. The latter were introduced in 1994. Argentina includes 23 provinces and the federal capital district of the provinces: Buenos Aires, Jujuy, Catamarca, Cordoba, Corrientes, La Plata, La Rioja, Mendoza, Misiones, Neuquen, Tierra del Fuego, Rio… Read More »

Politics and Education of Uruguay

State structure and political system of Uruguay Uruguay is a constitutional republic. On November 27, 1966, the Constitution was adopted, which entered into force in February 1967, was repealed on June 27, 1973. The new Constitution did not pass by referendum on November 30, 1980, two constitutional reforms were adopted by plebiscite on November 26,… Read More »

State Structure and Political System of Malaysia

According to microedu, Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy. The supreme ruler (king) is elected for 5 years from among 9 hereditary rulers (sultans) of the states of Western Malaya. The 1957 Constitution (as amended) is in force. Administratively, Malaysia is divided into 13 states: Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Kelantan, Trengganu, Pahang, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca,… Read More »

Brief History of Ecuador

According to localcollegeexplorer, the oldest Indian culture is Valdivia in Costa (3.5-2 thousand years BC). 14th-15th centuries – in the Sierra, the chiefdom (“kingdom”) Kitu with the capital Quito. 1463-1500 – Inca conquest. 1527 – Inca Atahualpa in the struggle for power relied on Quito. 1534 – Spanish conquest of the Sierra (S. de Benalcasar)… Read More »

About United Kingdom

Great Britain consists of four regions, each of which is unique and beautiful in its own way. Picturesque natural landscapes are combined here with ancient cities. The rich history of Great Britain has made it an internationally recognized center of tourism. Many prominent historical figures were born and lived here. The largest kingdom of Great… Read More »

About Bulgaria

The official name is the Republic of Bulgaria. One of the most accessible countries for recreation for Russians. Throughout history, Bulgaria has been and remains a friendly country to Russia, so compatriots feel quite comfortable there. Due to the fact that the Bulgarian language is part of the Slavic group, communication between the local population… Read More »

About Brunei

According to itypemba, Brunei is a small country, a very small state located in Southeast Asia, namely on the northern coast of the island of Kalimantan, or as it is also called Borneo. Brunei means “abode of peace” in translation. In 1984, on January 1, Brunei became a fully independent state (it was a British… Read More »

About Liechtenstein

The dwarf state of Liechtenstein, hidden between Austria and Switzerland in the snowy Alps, is quite a lot of all kinds of entertainment. Here you can get acquainted with the cuisine of almost all of Europe, see the famous Rhine, go to high-class ski resorts and just breathe in the fresh smell of “little Europe”.… Read More »

Sights of Paraguay

Paraguay cannot boast of such an abundance of attractions as its neighbors, but the country is distinguished by its uniqueness and originality of tourist destinations, many of which have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Of course, the first undisputed leader is the Iguazu Falls, which is located partly in Paraguay, as well… Read More »

About Tajikistan

Mysterious, hot, tart Tajikistan. This fragment of the ancient history of mankind, part of the Great Silk Road and just one of the most beautiful places on our planet is a real tourist gem. Tajikistan is quite developed for a pleasant stay, on the other hand, not all of its roads have been trampled down… Read More »

Sights of Zambia

Definitely, the main asset and advantage of Zambia as a tourist destination is its rich nature. For more or less cultural life, you can only go to the capital, the city of Lusaka, where it is worth visiting local galleries, museums and atmospheric markets. According to itypeusa, the hallmark of Zambia is the majestic Victoria… Read More »

Sights of Armenia

According to ethnicityology, Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world, it has been known since the 8th century BC, at that time it was a major center of trade in the countries of Transcaucasia. One of the main attractions of the city is the Opera and Ballet Theatre. The construction of the… Read More »

Sights of Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish capital is rich in historical past, architectural monuments, numerous museums and interesting sights: The Old Town (Gamlaston – from the Swedish Gamla stan) is the historical center of Stockholm, built on the island of Stadsholmen. Here in 1251 Stockholm was founded. In the Old Town there is: City Hall with three gilded crowns on… Read More »

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is one of the most famous resorts on the Gulf Coast, located on the Yucatan Peninsula. It is built on a long and narrow 25-kilometer sand spit, which faces the Caribbean Sea on one side and the lagoon that has formed between the spit and the shore on the other. The resort is famous… Read More »

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago The city (3,018,000 inhabitants, but over 8,100,000 in the metropolitan area in 1987) is, with New York, the very symbol of modern urbanism. Built on a flat coastal plain, Chicago benefits greatly from the presence of Lake Michigan and from the crossing position of the great transcontinental lines. The city proper is surrounded by… Read More »

Visa to Canada

Attention! Submission of documents for a visa to Canada at the Visa Application Center of the Embassy of Canada is already possible!!! According to, to enter the territory of Canada, citizens of Ukraine need to apply for a visa to Canada. Obtaining a visa to Canada is not an easy procedure that requires work… Read More »

Russia Population

The territory of Russia represents, like those of Eastern Europe in general, one of the most recent areas of population, in the context of the old world. At the beginning of the nineteenth century it is probable that there were not yet a total of 10 residents per sq. km, with a maximum of 35… Read More »

Italy Population and Society

With 61 million residents, Italy is the fourth most populous country in the European Union after Germany, France and the United Kingdom. The population density is among the highest in the continent, even if the distribution on the territory is concentrated in some metropolitan areas. Over the last few years, the population has increased slightly,… Read More »

Italy Communications, Education and Religion

Routes, means of communication and tourism The structure of the Italian railway network (over 16,000 km) dates back to the early decades of the twentieth century. There have been modernizations (electrification) and upgrades (doubling of lines, high-speed sections), but also suppression or downsizing of unprofitable sections ( fig. 2 ). The railway mainly carries passengers (over 540 million… Read More »

Italy Armed Forces

Army. – By decree-law of 11 October 1934, and subsequent updates, changes were made to the organization of the army, which is made up of the following elements: General Staff Corps (officers of the General Staff from lieutenant to colonel); Royal Carabinieri (see App.); Military schools (see school: Army school system, App.); Infantry (see App.);… Read More »

Italy Ecclesiastics

Since the dawn of the second millennium the direct work of Italian ecclesiastics and saints appears preponderant in the development of the major religious, mystical and theological centers across the Alps. In the 11th-14th centuries this contribution is oriented almost exclusively towards the region of Western Europe (France, England, Rhineland), while following the progressive conquest of… Read More »

Italy Economic and Financial Policy

The oil crisis of 1973-74 had caught the Italy at a time of strong production expansion, of social and political tensions, of difficult evolution of industrial relations, after the deterioration that began with the “ hot autumn ” of 1969, which was followed by a rapid and sustained growth in wages realities of industrial workers.… Read More »

Italy Economic Conditions

The financial crisis, which began in the United States in 2007 and exploded the following year as a global recession, has affected all Western countries, including Italy, whose economy previously experienced a condition of relative fragility. due to low growth and difficulties in adjusting to global transformations. The country, through timid fluctuations, from 2008 to… Read More »

Italy Economic Trends and Economic Policies

From the stabilization of 1976 to the productive restructuring (1978-83). According to TIMEDICTIONARY, the currency crisis of January 1976 was followed by immediate restrictive measures on the monetary front (with a 4-point increase in the official discount rate) and on the currency front (with the obligation of a non-interest-bearing deposit on purchases of currency for foreign… Read More »