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Child Mortality is Declining in Bangladesh Part III

5: Child health and far-sighted gender policy In a comment on the positive health results in Bangladesh, the well-known economist Amartya Sen emphasizes the importance of the country emphasizing the reduction of the gender gap . Sen emphasizes that the driving force lay in the policy pursued after the liberation in 1971. The issue of… Read More »

Child Mortality is Declining in Bangladesh Part II

3: The Bangladesh Paradox Progress in Bangladeshis in many ways a paradox. The country has a population of around 153 million and is the eighth most populous country in the world. Thirty years ago, the prospects for Bangladesh were bleak. It was a country many believed would be dependent on aid for all time to… Read More »

Child Mortality is Declining in Bangladesh Part I

From 1990 to 2012, infant mortality in the world was almost halved; it went down from 12.6 million to 6.6 million. However, 18,000 children still die every day before the age of five. Bangladesh is an exceptional case: the country has managed to reduce child mortality significantly in a few decades, despite the fact that… Read More »

Shusunda, Bangladesh Part III

7: Reasons for the progress There are many different factors that have influenced the development: Migration income . Around 1980, many Bangladeshis began to find work in the Middle East. The workers were largely unskilled and wages were low. Still, many could send one to two thousand kroner a month home to the family. In… Read More »

Shusunda, Bangladesh Part II

4: Gloomy prospects in the 1970s A fairly typical example of the situation of the poor was our neighbor Mosum Ali and his family. He had inherited two acres of land from his father which he gradually had to sell in order to buy food. While we lived in the village, he was mortgaging the… Read More »

Shusunda, Bangladesh Part I

In several countries, questions are raised as to whether development assistance contributes to development. The Norwegian social anthropologist Eirik G. Jansen has a better vantage point than most to answer the question. In the late 1970s, he lived and worked for several long periods in the village of Shusunda in Bangladesh to study the living… Read More »