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Bratislava, Slovakia

According to abbreviationfinder, Bratislava is a beautiful city located on the banks of the Danube River, approximately 60 km from Vienna the capital of Austria and near the border with Hungary, it is the capital and largest city of Slovakia, from it rise the famous Carpathian mountains. The current name of Bratislava has its origin in 1837, when the Slavist Pavel Josef Šafárik… Read More »

Slovak Republic Population and Economy

(Slovenská Republika). Central European State (49,034 km²). Capital: Bratislava. Administrative division: regions (8). Population: 5,412,254 (2008 estimate). Language: Slovak (official), Hungarian and Czech minorities. Religion: Roman Catholics 68.9%, non-religious / atheists 13%, Protestants 9%, Greek Catholics 4.1%, Orthodox 0.9%, other religions 4.1%. Monetary unit: Slovak koruna (100 halierov). Human Development Index: 0.872 (41st place). Borders:… Read More »