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By | April 24, 2022

Great Britain consists of four regions, each of which is unique and beautiful in its own way. Picturesque natural landscapes are combined here with ancient cities. The rich history of Great Britain has made it an internationally recognized center of tourism. Many prominent historical figures were born and lived here. The largest kingdom of Great Britain – England is known throughout the world as a financial and cultural center. England is considered the world capital of music and art, as well as the main trendsetter. No less attractive is the local nature. The green hills and blue lakes of Scotland attract nature lovers from all over the world. The picturesque landscape impresses with its calmness and majesty.

Geography of Great Britain

According to collegesanduniversitiesinusa, Great Britain is located in the northwest of Europe, but not on the mainland. Three kingdoms (Wales, Scotland and England) are located on the island of Great Britain, Ireland occupies part of the island of the same name, and the state also includes independent administrative units (the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man). Great Britain has access to the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea and the Irish Sea, and is separated from the mainland of Europe by the English Channel. The relief of the northern and western parts is characterized by mountains, while the center and southeast are represented by flat relief.




The area of Great Britain is 243.610 km2. sq., occupies the 80th place in the world by area.


62,262,000 people.


The official currency is the British Pound Sterling (GBP).


The official language is English.

Weather in England

Great Britain has a temperate oceanic climate. Ireland has a wetter climate, while Scotland is cold and dry. The weather is mainly dependent on the warm current of the Gulf Stream. In January, the average temperature is +3 +7 C, and in July +11 +17 C. The amount of precipitation per year is 600-700mm, most of which falls on September-January. April-September is considered the best time to travel to the UK, as the weather at this time is the most comfortable and almost all attractions are open to tourists.


In London, public transport is well developed, and almost anywhere in the city can be reached by underground, which is the first in the world. Another popular form of transport here is the well-known double-decker buses. Travel tickets are sold in special vending machines, which are located at metro stations and bus stops. You can buy a bus ticket from the warrior. The fare is calculated depending on the distance, as well as on the travel time, which is distinguished between peak and off-peak hours. An off-peak day pass costs 5.6 GBR and a peak-hour ticket costs 7.2 GBR. A ticket for 7.2 GBR allows you to travel on public transport at any time, as well as on weekends and holidays. London is divided into 6 fare zones that depart from the city centre. The city center is the most expensive area. One ride in public transport in the center will cost 4 GBR. Checking metro tickets is carried out at the exit. It is advisable to purchase daily or weekly tickets right away, but a photo is required to receive a weekly ticket.

Currency exchange in the UK

As of September 2011, the national currency rate is 1 USD = 0.62 GBP. The national currency is the pound sterling. Almost all banks work on weekdays from 09.00 to 15.30, only large bank branches work on Saturdays. The bank exchange fee ranges from 0.5% to 1%; in the evening, you can change currency in special exchangers, which are located in large stores and some tours. agencies. 24-hour exchange is possible at airports, but you must present your passport for the exchange. Credit cards and travelers checks are very popular, so in most cases you can pay with them.


220V/50Hz (European sockets).


Most believers belong to the Anglican Church, which evolved from the Protestant Church. There are representatives of the Catholic Church. In addition, the largest diaspora of Muslims in Western Europe lives in the UK.


In general, the UK is a safe place, but, as in all tourist areas, pickpocketing is possible here. Most often, pickpockets encroach on watches, mobile phones and wallets.


Great Britain is one of the few countries where medical care is provided to Russian citizens free of charge, since a special agreement has been concluded between the Russian Federation and Great Britain. Citizens of Russia who have a special referral from the Russian Federation can qualify for completely free treatment.

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