Northern Ireland Travel Tips

By | August 18, 2022

Located in north-western Europe, Great Britain consists of four parts: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. So you should definitely remember: Great Britain is not the same as England.

However, the capital of Great Britain is London .

Surrounded by the Atlantic , Great Britain only borders Ireland in the south-west, which, unlike Northern Ireland, is a separate country and does not belong to Great Britain.

The four parts of Great Britain are all beautiful in their own way, with stunning nature and beautiful cities to offer.

We will show you here what makes the individual regions so charming and which three sights we would definitely recommend to you.

Northern Ireland

According to Photionary, Lush greener meadows than in Northern Ireland are probably only found in Teletubby Land. Northern Ireland offers great natural phenomena such as the Giants Causeway and you can really get a taste of freedom on a road trip on the Causeway Coastal Route.

In addition to the capital , Belfast , there are many small, historic towns such as Armagh or Londonderry that have real cultural treasures in store.

Attention Game-of-Throne fans : Many castles and landscapes in Northern Ireland served as filming locations for the fantasy epic.

When we think of “typical Northern Ireland” we think of…

  • the St. Patrick’s Day,
  • a certain resilience
  • and heartfelt Irish humor.

Giant’s Causeway

In the footsteps of a giant

Northern Ireland’s most famous attraction is a landscape of thousands of hexagonal basalt columns that tower up to 12 meters in the air. The strange landscape is even part of the UNESCO World Heritage .

According to Irish legends, a giant erected the pillars, hence the name. Scientists attribute the formation to cooling lava – one of the two.


Birthplace of the Titanic

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland . The Cathedral Quarter is particularly beautiful with its cozy pubs, the artists’ scene and the colorful houses.

Learn more about the Ireland conflict at the Peace Walls . Or visit the Titanic Quarter , where the famous “Ship of Dreams” was born.

Gobbin’s Cliff Path

Walk on the cliff

The Gobbins is an attraction that is truly unique in Northern Ireland.

A steel path leads you right along the cliffs and bridges run directly over the raging sea .

The Gobbins Trail takes you to places where only extreme climbers would likely go and yet you are completely safe.

The best time to travel to Great Britain

It’s really no secret that it rains a lot in Great Britain. However, the summer months from June to September are also relatively dry in Great Britain and temperatures reach over 20 degrees.

The downside: in the summer, many more tourists come to Great Britain. If you don’t mind the rain that much, spring and fall are great alternatives. Especially if you want to visit the English Gardens, spring is the most beautiful season.

Entry into Great Britain

Brexit has caused many question marks when holidaying in Great Britain.

Until now, the following applies: you do not need a visa for tourist trips of less than six months . However, you can no longer enter the country with just your identity card, you need your passport .

There is an exception for entry into Northern Ireland . If you are entering British Northern Ireland directly from the Republic of Ireland, your identity card will suffice.


What do you pay with in the UK?

In Great Britain you pay with British Pounds . For one euro you get about 0.86 pounds.

In Scotland there is still a special Scottish pound . Exactly the same exchange rate applies and you can also pay with normal British pounds in Scotland. Conversely, you cannot pay with the Scottish pound in the other parts of Britain.

By the way, if you change your money in Great Britain, you usually get a better exchange rate than in Germany.

Is Britain expensive?

Compared to many southern European travel destinations such as Italy or Spain , Great Britain is relatively expensive .

The British pound has plummeted since Brexit , which in turn has made it much cheaper for eurozone countries to holiday in the UK.

Is Britain dangerous?

Britain is generally not dangerous .

However, you should pay particular attention to your valuables in tourist hotspots such as London, as pickpockets like to be around here .

How much time do you need for UK?

For a city trip such as B. to London, Edinburgh or Belfast, a long weekend is enough .

If you want to see more of the British outdoors , for example on a road trip through the Highlands, you should plan at least a week .

What is spoken in Great Britain?

In the UK, of course, English is spoken. However, the different parts of the country have their own (and sometimes peculiar) dialects, which are often difficult to understand.

Are England and Great Britain the same?

No, England is just one of four parts of Great Britain. The others are Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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