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By | February 1, 2023
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What is a Financial Interim Manager International?

Financial interim managers take on clearly defined foreign projects or a leading role in a foreign company or subsidiary for a short period of time.

There are many reasons why companies rely on financial interim managers: In addition to restructuring and M&A processes, this also includes dealing with unexpected crises, bridging vacancies and failures, building up young financiers or simply a large special project such as the construction of a new production facility.

Companies like to choose interim managers for these tasks because, unlike consultants, they not only have management experience, but also extensive line experience. After all, if you want to meet the high expectations in a managerial position in the financial sector, you have to quickly know and understand the daily processes and requirements without a long introduction in order to be able to develop efficient, targeted solutions and strategies. Financial interim managers must be fully deployable immediately: It is not uncommon for clients to take up assignments within a few days and to get an overview of the situation in just as short a time.

The following two examples from the professional activity as a financial interim manager international with a focus on Asia show both the range of possible mandates and the necessary expertise that is required to fulfill them.

Project example 1
Development of a German-Chinese joint venture

As part of an interim mandate, we were looking for a finance interim manager international as a provider who would set up a holding structure for a German-Chinese joint venture as CFO. A German company wanted to sell several operating subsidiaries to a Chinese company. These subsidiaries were to be outsourced to a joint venture in which the Germans would hold 40 percent and the Chinese 60 percent.

The project, which lasted about nine months, included a variety of tasks such as operational management and responsibility for the subsidiaries to be sold, the preparation of forecasts and financial statements with the Chinese contacts, and the development of all structures of the joint venture, such as accounting (SAP), cost center structure, cost distribution the holding costs on the companies. In addition, it was necessary to set up a team on site, to negotiate and conclude contracts for service level agreements, since the bookkeeping was taken over by a shared service center of the selling party, and to mediate between the seller and buyer. Last but not least, new companies were founded in China and an internal successor CFO was set up.

Project example 2
Interim CFO in China for a Swiss group

A Swiss group had lost its CFO for the subsidiary in Shanghai and needed a competent replacement at short notice to lead the local team and do the closing. Initially, the project was planned for three months, during which the main focus was on preparing the accounts and finding a local person to replace them. The mandate was finally extended to eight months and the company was supported for another two years after the interim project was completed. During this time, a Chinese employee was built up, who then took over the role.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Completed business studies with a focus on finance or completed training
  • Starting salary: €1,600 gross per day
  • Top salary: €1,800 gross per day
  • Opportunities for advancement: Management or board positions


What does an Interim Manager Finance International do?

  • Immediate assumption of operational responsibility for a project or an interim CFO role
  • Situation analysis and definition of milestones
  • Setting up project or organizational structures
  • Lead, coordinate and control large teams
  • Identification of problems and initiation and control of solution strategies
  • in the case of sale/merger: establishment or separation of the financial structures, negotiation of contracts, control of the (sales) purchase process and mediation between the individual parties
  • Communication of the situation and the further strategy to internal (local shareholders, group, parent company, sister companies, etc.) and external stakeholders (banks, authorities, taxes, etc.)
  • Recruiting or internal development of a successor


How to become an Interim Manager Finance International?

Finance Interim Manager International can only become someone who has taken on various management positions in many different companies in his professional career. It is also helpful if you have a USP that sets you apart from other interim managers. Finance Interim Manager International should also meet the following criteria:

  • Completed economics degree with a focus on finance or completed training
  • at least 20 years line experience
  • in-depth management experience in various companies
  • extensive experience abroad
  • solid knowledge of the common project management systems
  • Business fluent German and English skills, both written and spoken


How much does an Interim Manager Finance International earn per day?

from €1,600

up to €1,800

Finance Interim Managers International receive daily fees, which they negotiate individually with their client (or their provider) for each project. Depending on the length of the mandate and the workload within the project (on how many days per week is the interim manager booked?), the fees are between €1600 and € 1800 per day.


What do you expect from the Interim Manager Finance International?

Finance Interim Managers International are established personalities: Due to their many years of line and management experience, they can quickly grasp a situation and develop solutions. You are very open, have dealt intensively with different cultures and at best have lived abroad for several years.

In addition, the job also places high demands on the personal environment. Because the mandates are often associated with a lot of travel and, above all, a lot of workload. On site, it is important to gain the credibility of the client and the team. This is achieved with cultural and personal openness, the ability to communicate complex issues simply and clearly, and ultimately with a cool head. After all, sustainable results usually have to be achieved quickly in difficult environments. Only those who have all these qualities can be successful as a Financial Interim Manager International in the long term.


Opportunities for advancement as Interim Manager Finance International

Finance Interim Managers International made a conscious decision to switch from employment to self-employment. In many cases, the decisive factors for this are the desire for self-determination and new, changing challenges as well as freedom from (political) corporate structures. The job is an option with a great future, as Financial Interim Manager International is increasingly in demand. Anyone who has dared to take this step can – once they have found their niche and positioned themselves accordingly – make their own decisions and are constantly faced with new, exciting challenges.

In addition, there is of course always the possibility of taking on a permanent management or board position in a company.

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