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Hungary Cinematography After World War II

The Second World War, further reducing imports, caused a further increase in production; In the midst of many negligible works, two of great value and originality emerged: Zavaros éjszaka (1940, A restless night) by Frigyes Bán and Emberek a havason (1942; Men of the mountains) by István Szőts are the first Hungarian films awarded abroad… Read More »

Hungary Demographics 1970

According to the census carried out in January 1970, the Hungary counted 10,315,600 residents and since then growth has been limited, as the birth rate (1976-77: 17.2% o) slightly exceeds the mortality coefficient (12.5% ​​o). An estimate from January 1978 gave 10,650,000 residents. Budapest now has over 2 million residents, which is home to the… Read More »

Geography of Budapest, Hungary

According to abbreviationfinder, Budapest, (Hungarian pronunciation (AFI): ˈbudɒpɛʃt), is the capital of Hungary, as well as its main industrial, commercial and transport center. The 23 districts District IV District IV is located north of Budapest, on the west bank of the Danube River. Before 1950, when several areas were annexed to Budapest, it was the Újpest town. The… Read More »