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By | February 1, 2023

Are you looking for that perfect job in the state of Iowa? The website URLs of top recruiters and job directories are just for you. Simply review the following job index and click on the link of your interest to find your job in Iowa. If you are living outside of Iowa, and would like to learn more about the Alabama, you can visit to see demographics and hospitals information of each city located in Iowa.

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What is a Team Leader Payroll?

Payroll Team Leaders manage a team of employees responsible for the payroll of a company or group of companies. They lead the team both professionally and disciplinary, ensure the further training of their employees and are responsible for the timely and correct payment of wages and salaries as well as for compliance with all related legal provisions.

In addition to payroll accounting, the tasks of the team include the processing of labor law and social security issues, including the clarification of accounts, the processing of collective bargaining law and other legal and personnel-related issues, the timely transfer of social security contributions and wage taxes, and the management of time credit accounts. In addition, the team prepares reports to trade associations and certificates for authorities and insurance companies.

The wage and salary team leader works closely with finance and controlling, and their team is often integrated into the HR department. In job descriptions, the department is also referred to as »payroll accounting«, and in the international environment the position is also referred to as »payroll manager«.

Wages and salaries are always a “huge issue”

Depending on the industry and structure, personnel costs make up between 35% and 70% of the total costs of a company – in law firms and auditing firms they represent the lion’s share of the costs, because highly qualified employees and their salaries are offset by comparatively low use of materials and machines. In other sectors, such as the construction industry, the wage earners’ share of the costs is high, as is the case in sectors that work with a large field service. But one thing is the same in all sectors: everyone who receives wages and salaries wants their money calculated correctly and in their account on time – after all, it is the payment for the service they have provided, it reflects the appreciation that their work is held in. The topic is also highly emotional because of the required confidentiality. Team leaders wage and salary are therefore not only responsible for the professional qualities of their team, they must also ensure that no wage and salary information reaches unauthorized third parties.

Team leaders wages and salaries are quality managers

A lot has changed in recent years: Corona has led to a significant increase in home office work, social legislation is subject to ongoing changes, minimum wages are increasing, companies are introducing bonus programs to retain and motivate their employees, contributions are paid to company pensions for long-term service and performance-based bonuses complicate monthly and annual billing.

Regardless of whether it is a question of internal services or measures prescribed by law – the effects always affect the wage and salary department – and perhaps the term “payroll manager” describes the scope of the task better than the term “wage and salary team leader”. After all, it’s about managing a team that, on the one hand, handles routine tasks and carries them out professionally, but on the other hand can integrate changes into running programs just as quickly and safely.

The digital personnel file places new demands on team leaders wages and salaries

There is no legislator forcing employees to give employees paper payslips, and there are many practical advantages when employees have direct access to their personnel files and can print out annual statements and certificates themselves, if necessary at home or on the go. But of course the electronic dispatch of personal documents and the approval of individual access are associated with high security requirements. When wage and salary team leaders introduce the technical solutions available today for the automatic and secure sending of wage and salary slips, they must ensure that only the authorized person has access to their data and that this sensitive data cannot be viewed or even changed by third parties.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Commercial training or training as a tax clerk with further training »Wage and Salaries« or economics studies with a focus on accounting / taxes / HR
  • Starting salary: €44,000
  • Top salary: €80,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: primarily by expanding the area of ​​responsibility or by moving to other departments (HR, controlling)


What does a wage and salary team leader do?

Payroll Team Leaders – also Head of Payroll Accounting or Payroll Manager – lead a team of employees who perform the following tasks:

  • Management of wage and salary accounts, ensuring the proper and timely payment of wages and salaries, issuing certificates and documents for employees
  • Creation of personnel-related documents and summaries for tax authorities, social security agencies, professional associations, health insurance companies and authorized third parties, e.g. auditors
  • Creation of personnel statistics

The wage and salary team leader is the point of contact for your team in all wage tax and social security issues. Your management task includes ensuring the factual and professional qualities of the team and their responsibility for the security of sensitive personal data.

The wage and salary team leader is involved in the monthly and annual financial statements. You are a cooperation partner of IT, controlling and the human resources department in the conception and further development of cross-divisional digitization processes. You accompany wage tax and social security audits and are responsible for communication with relevant authorities and institutions.


How do you become a wage and salary team leader?

  • Commercial training or training to become a tax clerk with further training to become a “specialist assistant for wages and salaries” or an economics degree with a focus on accounting / taxes / HR
  • Several years of professional (and ideally management) experience in the field of payroll accounting


What does a team leader earn wages and salaries?

from 44.000€

up to €80,000

The salaries for team leaders in payroll accounting vary widely, depending on the size of the team and the size and location of the company, but also on the complexity of the company structures and the complex design of the employment and pay contracts.


What do you expect from the team leader wages and salaries?

  • Sound knowledge of tax law relevant to wages and salaries, social security law as well as knowledge of collective bargaining and labor law
  • Good knowledge of MS Office applications, especially Excel, as well as common payroll software
  • Strong interest in the conception of digital processes in payroll accounting and in the further development of digital interfaces between payroll and HR
  • Strong affinity for numbers
  • Teamwork and communication skills
  • High level of integrity and accountability


Opportunities for advancement as team leader wages and salaries

Team leaders wages and salaries increase more with the scope of their tasks than they rise in the hierarchy. However, this may change in the future because the departments of a company are becoming increasingly intertwined as a result of digitization. As a result, opportunities for advancement in other departments (HR, controlling) are easier than before.

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