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By | February 1, 2023
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What is an Accounting Manager?

Accounting managers are one of the “pillars” of a company, regardless of its size, industry and structure. You manage accounting, master national and international tax legislation and are responsible for the proper reporting of figures and data to authorities, institutions and auditing companies. You will cooperate with Controlling, provide back-up data for corporate management, create presentations for management and work continuously to improve processes and workflows. You have managerial responsibility and usually lead a team that relieves you of routine tasks and supports you in fulfilling your diverse tasks.

Large companies often have separate accounting managers for accounts receivable, accounts payable and wages and salaries, while in smaller companies these tasks are often assigned to a single accounting manager.

In international companies, the job profile of accounting managers is expanded to include the perception of tasks that result from working with foreign subsidiaries and the merging of data from branches and branches.

An activity that often has far-reaching consequences

Accounting managers are the lynchpin for collecting, processing, evaluating and communicating information about a company’s financial status. Many decisions are based on their information, which initially only appear relevant for finance and controlling, but also affect other departments of a company. The accounting manager’s conclusions can lead to recommendations for action that have an impact on investments, hiring or downsizing of employees or measures that improve the tax situation. Since their evaluations reflect the performance of individual parts of the company, they can also lead to changes in the company structure – up to the founding of new companies or the closure of companies or parts of companies.

Improve processes in a targeted manner, continuously optimize processes

Accounting managers are responsible for all financially relevant process stages of recording, processing and evaluating business transactions. You need a deep understanding of the possibilities of digitization, which is also undergoing rapid development in this area. Accounting managers not only have to keep up with this development – their tasks also include the active continuation and design of digital processes. Leadership skills are particularly in demand here, as accounting managers must not be afraid to hire employees whose specific skills may be superior to their own. To recognize this and to promote it for the benefit of the company,

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Economics studies with a focus on finance and accounting or commercial training and further education, e.g. to become an accountant; several years of relevant professional experience and management experience
  • Starting salary: €58,000
  • Top salary: €80,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: Accounting Group Manager, Controller


What does an accounting manager do?

Accounting managers’ responsibilities vary and depend on company size, industry and structure – the larger a company, the greater the likelihood that responsibilities will be shared among multiple accounting managers.

  • Creation of and responsibility for ongoing accounts receivable and accounts payable and personnel accounts
  • Translating business transactions and activities into proper “IFRS language”
  • Contact person for tax consultants and auditors
  • Establishment of annual budgets
  • Preparation of presentations and submission of recommendations for action
  • Monitoring and further development of processes and procedures in accounting
  • Close cooperation with and support of the controlling department


How to become an accounting manager

  • Economics studies with a focus on finance and accounting or commercial training and qualifying further training, for example as an (international) accountant
  • Many years of professional experience
  • leadership experience


What does an Accounting Manager earn?

from 58.000€

up to €80,000


What do you expect from the Accounting Manager?

  • Profound knowledge of finance and accounting
  • Good knowledge of the relevant legal and tax regulations
  • High affinity for numbers and IT
  • Enjoys analysis and interpretation
  • Structured way of working, planning and organizational security
  • Communication and motivational strength
  • Experience in dealing with relevant software (SAP, MS Office, especially Excel) and with ERP systems
  • sense of responsibility
  • Active further development of processes and working methods
  • Management experience and, if necessary, experience in international cooperation
  • Fluent English, other languages ​​often helpful


Opportunities for advancement as Accounting Manager

Due to their in-depth knowledge of all company data and their constant collaboration with controlling and management, accounting managers have opportunities for advancement both in accounting, eg to accounting group manager, and in controlling, but also in management positions in subsidiaries.

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