Ukraine Travel Overview

By | July 18, 2021


Official name of the state



Kiev (Kyiv).


As a country located in Europe according to localtimezone, Ukraine borders Belarus to the north, the Russian Federation to the north and east, Poland, the Slovak Republic and Hungary to the west and Romania and Moldova to the south-west. On the south coast lies the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea. The north is very wooded, in the other parts of the country forest steppe (beech and oak) and treeless steppe predominate. The most important river is the Dnipro, which flows into the Black Sea.


Republic since 1991. Constitution from 1996. Parliament currently has 450 members, last election in October 2014. 27 seats were not awarded due to the Crimean conflict. The autonomous Crimean republic, which has its own legislative and executive branches, was annexed by Russia. Presidents Putin and Poroshenko are currently agreeing on measures to ease the crisis.

Head of state

Petro Poroshenko, since May 2014.

Head of government

Volodymyr Hroisman, since April 2016.


220 V, 50 Hz.



The official language is Ukrainian. Russian is often a colloquial language, especially in Kiev, eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Gagauz (a Turkic language), Slovak, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian and other minority languages are also spoken regionally.


  • Eight = вісімка [visimka]
  • Eighty = вісімдесят [visimdesat]
  • Goodbye = прощавай [prosavaj]
  • Exit = Вихід [Vikhid]
  • Beer = пиво [pivo]
  • Please = Будь ласка [Budy laska]
  • Thank you = Дякую [Dyakuyu] / Спасибі [Spasibi]
  • Tuesday = Вівторок [Vivtorok]
  • Doctor = доктор [doctor]
  • Thursday = Четвер [Tshetver]
  • Three = три [tri]
  • Thirty = трийцять [trijcatʹ]
  • Input = Вхід [Vkhid]
  • One hundred = сто [sto]
  • One = один [odin]
  • One thousand = тисяча [tisaca]
  • Friday = П’ятниця [P’yatnitsya]
  • Five = п’ять [p’yaty]
  • Fifty = п’ятдесят [p’atdesat]
  • Hello = Привіт [Privit]
  • Today = сьогодні [sʹogodni]
  • Hotel = готель [gotelʹ]
  • My name is?? = Мене звуть [Mene svuty]
  • I do not understand = я не розумію [a ne rozumiu]
  • Yes = так [tak]
  • Wednesday = Середа [Sereda]
  • Monday = Понеділок [Ponedilok]
  • Morning = завтра [zavtra]
  • No = ні [ni]
  • Nine = дев’ять [dev’yaty]
  • Ninety = дев’яносто [dev’anosto]
  • Open = відкрито [vidkrito]
  • Restaurant = ресторан [restoran]
  • Saturday = Субота [Subota]
  • Six = шість [shisty]
  • Sixty = шiстьдесят [sistʹdesat]
  • Seven = сім [sim]
  • Seventy = сімдесять [simdesatʹ]
  • Sunday = Неділя [Nedilya]
  • Menu = меню [menu]
  • Do you speak German / English? = ви говорите українською / англійською [vi govorite ukrainsʹkou / anglijsʹkou]
  • Toilet = Туалет [Tualet]
  • Four = чотири [tshotiri]
  • Forty = сорок [sorok]
  • What does it cost? = Скільки коштує? [Skilyki koshtuє?]
  • Wine = вино [vino]
  • How are you? = як справи [ak spravi]
  • Ten = десять [desyaty]
  • Twenty = двадцять [dvadcatʹ]
  • Two = два [dva]



If a public holiday falls on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday can also be free. If a public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, Monday is usually also released.



There are hardly any designated campsites. However, except in protected landscape areas and on main roads, camping is generally permitted anywhere.



About 60% of the population are either atheists or non-denominational. Ukrainian Orthodox, as well as Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic, Jewish and Protestant minorities.

Social rules of conduct

General: Some Ukrainians are very religious. Superstition is also widespread, for example one never greets or says goodbye over the doorstep, never puts an empty bottle on the table and does not whistle in closed rooms.

Manners: Ukrainians are known for their hospitality, helpfulness and warmth. Often, after a short acquaintance, you are invited home. When entering a house, you take off your shoes. Wine, chocolates or a souvenir from your home country are suitable as a gift. Flowers are always given away in odd numbers. You arrive on time, but a few minutes late rather than early. Men greet each other with a handshake, women with a hint of a kiss on both cheeks. Men should only shake a woman’s hand when she offers it to him. You should always behave very respectfully towards older people. You shouldn’t show your wealth openly.

Clothing: Well-groomed, casual clothing is appropriate in most cases. People dress more elegantly for theater and opera visits. Women should cover their hair when entering a church or mosque.

Photography: Military objects, seaports, industrial zones and railroad or traffic facilities are not allowed to be photographed. People should be asked before they are photographed. For your own safety, you should be careful not to continuously present an expensive camera to everyone.

Smoking: Although smoking is widespread in Ukraine, a general smoking ban in public buildings such as restaurants, night clubs, discos, football stadiums, etc. has been in effect since December 2012.

Security: Ukraine is generally a safe country, but you should also take care of your valuables here. You should always copy important documents such as flight tickets, identity papers or booking confirmations. You should be wary of pickpockets and con artists. When traveling by air, valuables should preferably be carried in hand luggage and checked suitcases should be locked.

Tips: 10% tips are customary in restaurants. In upscale restaurants, however, a service fee is usually already included in the bill. The tip is usually included in the taxi fare. Tour guides, bellboys and housekeeping should be tips.

Ukraine Travel Overview


Best travel time

Predominantly temperate continental climate. Warm summers, sunny autumns and cold, snowy winters. Mediterranean on the Black Sea coast. The best time to travel to Ukraine is from May to September.


Area code +380 Area (sqkm) 603 700 Population 44429471 Population density (per sqkm) 74 Population in 2015 Member of the EU No main emergency number 112