Police Departments Jobs in Michigan

By | February 1, 2023
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What is a Treasury Officer?

The treasury officer must constantly keep an eye on financial policy developments of an internal and external nature and ensure that his company is always liquid in the medium and long term. After all, the “Treasury” department is the financial control center in the company: Here, the focus is on securing liquidity and financial risk management, while at the same time external developments have to be anticipated, be it increasing cost pressure due to a strong competitive environment, restrictive lending by banks or strong fluctuations on the financial market in combination with the stricter guidelines and laws.

Depending on the size of the company, the treasury officer is either a lone wolf, has a staff function with a direct reporting line to the CFO, or works in a team and reports to the head of treasury or the head of finance and accounting. In any case, he works closely with all financial departments of a company, for example with finance and accounting and controlling. He is involved in liquidity planning, creates liquidity reports, carries out deviation analyses, monitors payment flows and credit lines and checks bank statements.

A specialist with a consulting function

With his treasury reporting, the treasury consultant provides decision-makers with transparency about the liquidity-related situation of the company. In addition, the management of financial or currency risks, the development of hedging strategies or the creditworthiness analysis of investments can be part of his tasks. Knowledge of and compliance with legal financial market regulations and reporting obligations are a matter of course for him.

The Treasury adviser also advises on the financing of special projects and financially relevant M&A issues. He is also the direct contact person for national and international financing partners, who designs the conditions and provides the relevant reports on the current financial situation of the company.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Successfully completed business studies with a focus on finance
  • Starting salary: €50,000
  • Top salary: €135,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: Head of Treasury, Head of Finance


What does a Treasury Officer do?

  • Participation in the preparation of regular liquidity reports
  • Participation in the preparation of regular short, medium and long-term liquidity planning
  • Carrying out deviation analyses
  • Further development of reporting and planning tools in the financial sector
  • Management of financial/currency risks
  • Development of hedging strategies
  • Support of those responsible for cash management (cash pooling and payment transactions)
  • Management of bank accounts from the perspective of securing liquidity
  • Cash flow monitoring
  • Monitoring of credit lines


How do you become a Treasury Officer?

  • Successfully completed business studies with a focus on finance
  • alternatively: training as a bank clerk with a corresponding additional qualification
  • In-depth specialist knowledge acquired in several years of work in the financial sector
  • ideally knowledge of risk management
  • Experienced in preparing regular financial reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly, even daily if necessary)
  • Safe handling of software used in the financial sector, especially MS Excel
  • reliable knowledge of English (or another foreign language)


What does a Treasury Officer earn?

from 50.000€

up to €135,000

A treasury consultant can look forward to good pay, because the salary level is well above the accounting area. Depending on the complexity of the job profile, company size and, of course, length of service and professional experience, the annual salary of a Treasury officer is between € 50,000 and €135,000. Maximum salaries can only be achieved in large corporations and with around ten years of professional experience.


What do you expect from the Treasury consultant?

As a financial resources specialist, the Treasury consultant has a keen interest in financial policy issues and forms of investment. For him, business news is everyday reading. With his pronounced analytical skills, he knows how to transfer economic knowledge to his company and to use it in questions relating to liquidity planning and analysis as well as financial investments. In doing so, he exhausts investment opportunities/credit leeway within the framework of the legal possibilities and, in addition to the necessary willingness to make decisions, also has the appropriate resilience.

The Treasury officer is not a player who enjoys risky maneuvers, but is aware of his responsibility and the risk of his actions. Like all specialists who work on complex issues, he must also be able to communicate clearly, understandably and convincingly at management level. In addition, the speaker brings along negotiating skills in cooperation with the financing partners and knows how to achieve the best conditions for his company.


Opportunities for advancement as a Treasury consultant

The treasury officer can aspire to the same position in a larger company or in a group – in addition to a salary increase, a higher volume of financial resources, a larger area of ​​responsibility and often also international topics are attractive. With further career ambitions and corresponding experience, he can then develop into Head of Treasury or Head of Finance in the next step.

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