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By | February 1, 2023

Are you looking for that perfect job in the state of Maine? The website URLs of top recruiters and job directories are just for you. Simply review the following job index and click on the link of your interest to find your job in Maine. If you are living outside of Maine, and would like to learn more about the Alabama, you can visit to see demographics and hospitals information of each city located in Maine.

  • Citypopulationreview: Introduction to the state of Maine, including brief history, state facts and state symbols – flag, bird, animal, flower, song, gemstone, etc.
  • Basic outline of the state Maine. Covers location, geography, state history and largest counties within Maine.

Job Description Credit Analyst

The Credit Analyst assesses a company’s finances for future creditworthiness and analyzes company performance relative to other macro factors and sector companies.

The credit analyst is needed in different areas, such as corporate banking, insurance or asset management. He usually works with specialists from finance, accounting and controlling and supports a portfolio or relationship manager who is responsible for monitoring the performance of existing loans and for new transactions.

A credit analyst can develop into a relationship manager with his own credit portfolio.

The job and typical duties of a credit analyst

The credit analyst must fundamentally analyze various types of loans, such as corporate loans or alternative investments. His job also includes preparing investment recommendations and documenting credit analyses.

The credit analyst builds rating methods, evaluation and decision-making processes and develops them further. He analyzes audited financial statements of large companies and, if the job is in a bank, the Credit Analyst can also analyze the financial statements of a small company before extending or renewing a loan.

Credit analysis encompasses a wide range of financial analysis techniques, including trend analysis, forecasting and detailed cash flow analysis. Credit analysis involves examining collateral and other sources of repayment. But legal requirements for the credit process must also be ensured. The credit analyst generally has independent credit decision responsibility for transactions up to a predefined size.

Advertiser Democrat – Help Wanted

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Bonney Staffing

Employment firm in Maine and New Hampshire finds temporary workers for companies. Provides on-site and distance-learning technical training.


Cool Works Maine

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For Jobseekers – Maine Career Center

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Maine Classifieds Online

Find employment, animals and supplies, merchandise, real estate, transportation, and services, or search the personals for a friend.


Maine Department of Labor

Find labor market information and sources. Order publications and read news releases, data, and analysis.


Maine Department of Labor Career Center

Listing of local offices from this state government agency. Links to Maine jobs and contact regional offices.


Maine’s Job Bank

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Mainestreet – Help Wanted Classifieds

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Summer Jobs – Maine

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