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By | February 1, 2023

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What is an accounts receivable team leader?

Accounts receivable team leader manages a team of employees in accounts receivable. You support it in carrying out its tasks, securing and controlling incoming payments from customers and other debtors – debtors – and are responsible for organizing and monitoring the dunning process. In their management function, team leaders for debtors are responsible for the implementation of and compliance with agreed payment terms and for dealing with customers who do not want to or cannot comply with payment terms. In addition, one of their tasks is to optimize and monitor ongoing reporting. The size of a team essentially depends on the scope, structure and degree of organization of a company.

The way in which invoices are processed are now an important part of corporate culture

Companies that send out millions of invoices have long recognized that the way in which invoices are created and the dunning process – as well as complaints management – ​​make a significant contribution to ensuring that customers remain loyal to a company, its products and services and do not switch to a competitor. This is made clear, for example, by the “tonality” of reminders: Where previously consequences were threatened for the slightest default in payment, a review is now gently requested because receipt of payment could not yet be determined.

Basically, it is important to treat customers in such a way that they enjoy working with a company – everything is geared towards this requirement, contacting the seller, the entire purchase process through to invoicing and, if necessary, the reminder letter if incoming payments are delayed or not be paid within the agreed payment period. Team leaders for debtors must ensure that the desired level of corporate culture in dealing with customers is implemented and maintained even in the last phase of the sale, invoicing and invoice control. In this respect, the accounts receivable department (and its manager in charge) (also) makes its contribution to customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and ultimately also to the value chain.

Increasing digitization is changing the demands placed on team leaders for accounts receivable

The allocation of invoice numbers, the creation of invoices, the control of incoming and outgoing payments and the dunning process cannot be managed manually in large companies and have long been automated. Digitization is developing rapidly, there are constantly new programs and program improvements. The use of artificial intelligence will follow the penetration of accounting with business intelligence. The job profile of the debtors team leader must take this into account. The tasks shift from the control of the factual, functional to a qualitative level: What can be automated is automated, there the processing is optimized by the accounts receivable team and perfected by the IT department in the implementation, but then runs largely independently.

Deviations from the norm and the analysis of anomalies fall within the area of ​​responsibility of the debtors team leader – and the measures that are necessary to keep their department up-to-date. They have to know and evaluate innovations, and they have to use training and motivation to ensure that their team develops a good sense of disruptions and that the right conclusions and measures are derived from them.

The most important things in 5 seconds

  • Education: Commercial training with further training as a financial accountant or accountant or comparable qualification, possibly also a business administration college/university degree with a focus on finance and/or accounting
  • Starting salary: €60,000
  • Top salary: €90,000
  • Opportunities for advancement: Head of financial accountant / promotion to financial management


What does a team leader accounts receivable do?

  • Management and (instruction) management of a team of accounts receivable accountants / assumption of personnel responsibility
  • Evaluation of the payment processes and procedures
  • Optimization of the accounts receivable database and processes
  • Control and monitoring of accounts receivable reporting
  • Clarification – within the department and possibly with other departments – of the procedure for outstanding receivables and in problem cases
  • Contact person for lawyers in legal disputes


How do you become a team leader accounts receivable?

  • Commercial training and further training as a financial accountant or accountant or a comparable qualification
  • Possibly business management college/university studies with a focus on finance and/or accounting
  • Several years of sound professional experience in accounts receivable
  • First experience in a managerial position


What does an Accounts Receivable Team Leader earn?

from 60.000€

up to €90,000

Salaries for the Accounts Receivable team leader depend heavily on the industry, company size, company location and area of ​​responsibility. They start at around €60,000 pa, but can reach up to €120,000 pa in top positions.


What do you expect from the Accounts Receivable team leader?

  • Profound knowledge of finance and accounting
  • Good knowledge of the relevant legal and tax regulations
  • Structured thinking and analytical and conceptual skills
  • Innovation, optimization and technology oriented
  • High affinity for digitization
  • Sound knowledge of the relevant software (SAP, Navision,…)
  • Confident use of MS Office, especially Excel
  • Team player with strong training and communication skills
  • English spoken and written


Opportunities for advancement as team leader accounts receivable

There are many opportunities for advancement in a company’s finance and accounting department for team leaders and accounts receivable. With further training as an accountant, they can strive for a professional career with many years of professional experience, e.g. B. rise to the head of financial accounting or make a career in controlling in order to become part of financial management after appropriate probation.

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