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Brazil Historical and Administrative Divisions

For King Manuel, “Brazil was but a farm on the Atlantic road with no other value”; the new possession had to acquire importance a few years after its discovery when a real colonizing process began and only since then was the first administrative organization of the colony given. In fact, after the expedition entrusted to… Read More »

Brazil Travel Guide

The South American country Brazil knows how to impress in many ways: not only that it is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest in the world. The population of several metropolises like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and, somewhat behind, the capital Brasilia far exceed the (two-digit) million mark. The Amazon,… Read More »

What is BRICS? Part II

According to whicheverhealth, BRICS emphasizes its openness to the outside world. China’s historical experience is unequivocal in this respect: In periods of openness, things have gone well, while in periods of introversion, things have gone badly. India opened up around 1990 and is phasing out more and more of its subsidies and safeguards. For Brazil… Read More »

What is BRICS? Part I

10 years ago, the term BRIC was launched – Brazil, Russia, India, China. In 2009, the BRIC countries met for the first time – as part of a regular cooperation – with Russia as host. The second meeting took place in Brazil in 2010, and this year it was China’s turn. South Africa was also… Read More »

What is BRICS? Part III

6: The BRICS countries in the geopolitical picture According to topbbacolleges, the BRICS countries are too different to represent any collective political weight. They do not constitute an economic and political bloc. Apart from increasing contact with each other, the common denominator is solid domestic challenges . The Chinese have minority problems, among other things.… Read More »

Brazil Country Information

The country of Brazil got its name from a type of tree, the brazilwood tree, the wood of which is deep red and is called brasil (“glowing red”)by the natives. Today this tree species is almost extinct because it was a sought-after import in Europe. Location The Republic of Brazil is almost as big as… Read More »