Utah Volunteer Opportunities

By | February 1, 2023
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Job Description Head of Quality Assurance

The Head of Quality Assurance ensures that quality standards in a company or organization are continuously improved by optimizing processes. The Head of Quality Assurance typically assumes personnel responsibility and also acts at the interface between different departments. He usually reports directly to the board of directors.

Typical tasks of the Head of Quality Assurance

The Head of Quality Assurance establishes and optimizes the company-specific quality management system. He carries out analyzes independently and identifies process and system deficits. He controls and ensures that procedures are correctly followed, he analyzes quality data and formulates quality goals. He carries out system and process checks.

The Head of Quality Assurance works closely with other specialist departments and is responsible for representing customers and partners. He reports to the board of directors or to the management.

Within a company, he is the competent contact person for all quality issues.
As manager, he assumes management tasks and personnel responsibility. He recruits and guides new team members, supervises his employees, advises, delegates and coordinates. He regularly informs himself about further training measures for himself and for his employees and keeps an eye on their promotion goals.

He passes on the expectations and important information from the employer to the team. He evaluates performance and implements strategies and processes.

A completed technical degree and experience in the field of quality management are prerequisites for the position of Head of Quality Assurance. He has knowledge of process management and project management. His handling of MS Office programs is secure and he has very good knowledge of English. He works conceptually, structured and independently and has strong analytical thinking. He is communicative and a team player, willing to travel and flexible and has management experience.

AIDS Foundation

Read about the training session and requirements for certain volunteer positions in the foundation and get the contact number for more inquiries.

Website: http://www.xmission.com/~uaf/

Animal-Assisted Therapy Association

Salt Lake city organization trains and supervises animals and animal teams for animal assisted therapy and activity programs.

Website: http://www.uaata.org/

Community Animal Welfare Society

Nonprofit organization uses donations to provide animal welfare outreach, which includes neutering and spaying, animal rescue, and vaccination.

Website: http://www.caws.org/

Department of Human Services

Volunteer with child and family services to assist caseworkers in supporting children and families as tutors, mentors, and caseworker assistants.

Website: http://www.dhs.state.ut.us/edo/Voluntr.htm

Foster Grandparent Program

Program in Utah county gives young people with special needs support and companionship through the volunteer efforts of seniors in the community.

Website: http://www.co.utah.ut.us/dept/fgp.htm

Hawthorn Elementary Volunteers

School is searching for volunteers to participate in student mentoring, tutoring, reading one-on-one, or other jobs requiring their talents.

Website: http://www.slc.k12.ut.us/sites/hawthorne/volunt.htm

HUD Utah

The US dept. of housing and urban development has volunteer opportunities supporting literacy programs and teaching skills to families.

Website: http://www.hud.gov/local/sla/slavolop.htm

Humane Society of Utah – Volunteers

Provide community outreach as a pet-adoption counselor or educator. Check out the orientation schedule and attend a meeting open to anyone over the age of 13.

Website: http://www.utahhumane.org/volunteer.htm

Natural History of Genes Volunteers

High school students can volunteer to do science experiments and activities at the University of Utah by calling the provided number.

Website: http://raven.umnh.utah.edu/new/projects/vol/jamie/

NetDay National Organization

Org. works for the appropriate integration of technology in the classroom throughout the United States. Find out about programs and events.

Website: http://www.netday.org/

Nurture Our Environment

University of Utah non-profit group participates in recycling programs, monitors energy efficient equipment, and educates about recycling.

Website: http://chartwells-utah.com/nowEnvironment.cfm

Public Lands Management Volunteers

Volunteer with the Bureau of Land Management to participate in projects like working on the range, helping wildlife, or restoring parks.

Website: http://www.ut.blm.gov/wh3volunteers.htm

Utah Adult Education and Literacy

Look at this list of literacy programs which includes descriptions and available opportunities at various locations throughout the state.

Website: http://www.usoe.k12.ut.us/adulted/volopps.htm

Utah Commission on Volunteers

Utah’s Promise volunteer service aims at getting citizens involved in their communities. A directory of centers around the state is included.

Website: http://www.utahspromise.org/default.htm

Utah Commission on Volunteers

Commission works with AmeriCorps to match volunteers with suitable opportunities in their community. A map of volunteer centers is shown.

Website: http://www.volunteers.utah.org/volunteer.htm

Utah Courts’ Guardian Volunteers

Learn how to become a CASA volunteer to help represent children that are having guardianship trials brought to court.

Website: http://courtlink.utcourts.gov/specproj/galcasa.htm

Utah Disaster Center

Center discusses the importance of being prepared for disasters and runs through a variety of positions that need to be filled by volunteers.

Website: http://www.disastercenter.com/volunt.htm

Utah Elks Association

Group participates in community and civic service programs. They also work with the Drug Awareness program and PRIDE. Get their latest news.

Website: http://www.inovion.com/~jamesski/Utah_Elks/

Utah Friends of Tibet

Volunteer organization of Tibetans in Utah meets regularly and produces a newsletter which can be viewed here. Get links to other Tibetan sites.

Website: http://www.holt.org/tibet/

Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Volunteer docents are needed to lead museum tours. Participation in training and workshops beforehand is required to prepare for the job.

Website: http://www.utah.edu/umfa/volunteer.htm

Volunteer/Docent – Utah’s Hogle Zoo

Volunteers are needed at the zoo to fill positions as interpreters, zoo aids, junior zoo keepers, and docents. A sign up form is included.

Website: http://www.xmission.com/~hoglezoo/docents.htm