Arkansas Volunteer Opportunities

By | February 1, 2023
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Job Description Accounting Manager

The accounting manager is responsible for the accounting department of a company or bank.

Larger companies often have up to three accounting managers, one for accounts receivable, one for accounts payable and another for payroll. In smaller companies, only one accounting manager is responsible for these three aspects.

Depending on the size of the company, the accounting manager reports to the controller or the CFO.

Typical tasks of an accounting manager

The accounting manager determines the financial status of the company. He is responsible for reporting.

His tasks are diverse and depend on the respective employer. This often includes the general ledger, payroll and the documentation of all income and expenses or the checking of accounts receivable and accounts payable.

He recognizes trends, prepares action plans and sets annual budgets, which he corrects if necessary. It monitors costs and revenues by collecting, merging and evaluating data.

As a manager, he has personnel responsibility: he recruits and guides new employees, he monitors the team, advises, delegates and organizes. He clearly communicates the employer’s expectations of the employees while keeping an eye on their advancement opportunities. He evaluates performance and enforces strategies and processes.

For a position as an accounting manager, a business degree with a focus on accounting is usually expected. Knowledge of the relevant ERP systems and professional experience in accounting are required, as is sufficient management experience.

The accounting manager should work precisely, he should be comfortable with figures – in budgeting as well as in the precise documentation and analysis of data and processes. He is familiar with the relevant legal issues. Due to his reliable planning and organization, deadlines can always be met. He motivates and coordinates his employees.

AETN Volunteer Opportunities

Arkansas Educational Telecommunications Network relies on volunteers for production assistance, pledge drives, and special events.


Agency on Aging

White River Area Agency on Aging welcomes volunteer help at senior centers. Find contact information.


Arkansas Business Academy

University of Arkansas sponsors a business seminar for high school students. Adult professionals volunteer to act as mentors to student teams.


Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Opportunities at this Little Rock hospital include assisting staff, reading stories, working in the gift shop and performing clerical duties.


Arkansas Easter Seal Society

Get contact information to find out about volunteering to assist with the Arkansas Easter Seals recreation programs.



Volunteers help run organ-donation awareness programs sponsored by the Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency.


Heifer Project International

Nonprofit in Little Rock, Arkansas, needs volunteers to work locally and internationally to alleviate hunger and promote community well-being.


United Way of Independence County

Volunteers needed from the Batesville area to assist with local girl scout activities, the Special Olympics, and at the senior citizens center.


United Way of Pulaski County

Volunteer center works with other agencies to match volunteers with appropriate opportunities. Provides a registration form.