Amanda Seyfried Saturates The Kiosks in The Month of April

The actress of ‘ letters to Juliet & #8216;, Amanda Seyfried, It will saturate the world kisocos this month of April 2011. And is that this blonde long hair, blue eyes and lips is the protagonist nor more nor less three different headers, two of the United Kingdom. Coincidence or rivalry? We do not know, but what is certain is that it is divine in each and every one of them. Continue reading

Three Covers of Vogue and a Single Dress, Where Is The Originality?

Last week saw the first cover of Emmanuelle Alt at the front of the French Edition of Vogue. In it we see a pretty woman Gisele Bundchen posing seductively (as only she knows to do) in the middle of a lost mountain road. A lot of people you Dislike, another much loves, and that over time the new editor of Vogue France will be picking your style. It is a matter of time.

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