The Draw For Some Other – We Are Giving Away Festival Tickets!

Sometimes to do things that you usually wasted not a single thought. Sometimes you should be mad and take everything with you what life and unexpected coincidences throw one for the feet. Sometimes you should look outside the box and visit a Festival first once as not falling within the own music cosmos.

Who love boys by “relentless energy drink“ so asked if I would like this year’s Wacken Open air festival to make a little detour, I had actually not long to over. Clear! Why not? Once I was there, but still behind the counter – and friends, let me tell you: forget the wild images from television, I have rarely seen a so peaceful Festival. Enough space on the lawn is always there, and even at the beer booth it is good in the snake. Don’t you think? Then just come with me! We are giving away: today together with “relentless energy drink“ two tickets! Continue reading

Exhibition Tip: Visions & Fashion. Pictures of Fashion 1980 | 2010

Courtesy Jacqueline Ostermann, Richard Avedon, Lorenzo Mattotti.

As you know, my summer vacation had with summer not much on the hat. In the home it was raining continuously and upon the arrival in Berlin last week, we were greeted with big drops of rain. To make not hang his head already secretly ‘last Christmas’ to wish and under the ceiling to hide, I was torn so yesterday by a friend from the chubby four walls. What should you do even better on a grey Sunday, as either to escape to the movies or to once again properly to take time for an exhibition? Said than done: we slipped into the world of art library at Potsdamer Platz – specifically in the special exhibition: visions & fashion. Pictures of fashion 1980 | 2010. Continue reading

Tip: Love Kaloudis – “Trips for the Lovesick & the Heartbroken”

Heartache is a nasty, destructive cruelty that everyone of us knows and got to feel most likely more than once on your own body. And right here is the good in it: because no matter how much your heart has been abused, no matter how much pee you pressed from your eyes and whom you like would put in that moment over the knee, there are always hundreds of like-minded people and even more fixed ideas for the tough but quite schaffbaren process.

“The love Kaloudis“ for example, organize short trips for broken hearts. Sounds strange? It is indeed, but very certainly useful. Continue reading

Bookmarked August: Michelberger Hotel & Wood Sale

Already had we pleased us just exuberant summer sun’s rays, shows the rain its icky middle finger. It rains and rains and rains. Unstoppable and never wanting to end up. The cityscape, lined with umbrellas, plastic jackets and deep sinking heads is grey in grey. Since only one helping: eyes down to pinch and through. Because the summer is still even though he inside moves it a bit in the fall. As far as we want to don’t look now but only once yet: because even the August can summer appear, even without the nice weather. You should not miss the one or the other event namely: the Michelberger mystery music festival and the beautiful Wood Wood outlet sale. Continue reading

Culture Tip: Tanz IM August and International Summer Festival

Summer time is actually no theatre time: the city and State theatres go usually also in the well-deserved break of the season. Yes also not bad, because quite honestly: when choosing between sunshine and dusty spotlight, between beach mat and stools, spectator rooms remain empty often. Summertime is Festival time: and there can we stir us not only in the mud at the summer jam, but also wonderful international performances see and populate our art batteries with new interesting impressions.

In Berlin be worth between 12 and Aug visits at the International Dance Festival “Tanz IM August”. A total of eleven venues – amongst the HAU and the Volksbuhne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, but also the Galeries Lafayette – by discoveries such as Melinda Edwards and luminaries of contemporary scene be dancing. Continue reading

Campaign #Somethingincommon: Cara & Kate for Mango

Include Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne undoubtedly England’s most famous models, the best verdienendsten advertising icons of their time, and the omnipresent cuts in all kinds of advertising campaigns. They have however recently recognized one: that you two currently perhaps still a little success can have more than alone already. Make the two for the second time after their first liaison for the British fashion house Burberry, and show that even 20 years age difference at all to make a difference in the latest Mango campaign: #Somethingincommon is the latest highlight of the Spanish fashion chain and which combines two of the most sought-after British completely of course: Continue reading