Antonio Riva Wedding Dress Cost

The colorful wedding dresses are the heart of the collections in 2016 more fashionable and modern, original creations that have appeared on the catwalks dedicated to the bridal fashion world’s most beautiful. The classic models in powder pink and delicate champagne shades this year alongside wedding dresses in much more intense shades like electric blue, candy pink, orange, red and even black. Let’s find out what are the specific proposals of 2016.
The 2016 collection of wedding dresses Carlo Pignatelli is one of the richest creations in eccentric colors and just as special shapes inspired by those of Haute Couture gowns. La maison wanted on his catwalk wedding dresses in style gown with strapless bodice and skirt pleated A-line electric blue silk, alongside more traditional wedding dresses or asymmetrical shapes that leave uncovered legs based in Mikado pink sorbet, and features versions in total black dedicated to fashionistas who want to dare even on the day of their marriage. Continue reading

How to Customise Wedding Dress

How to customize the wedding dress? Some ladies will think that it is madness and will be wondering what is the need to customize an already beautiful dress. It is obvious that if you have bought a Vera Wang you do not add a single detail. But there are women who do not want to spend much and do not know how to find a unique dress. Tailor-made for them. Do not worry here you will find those tips that will transform a simple dress, maybe cheesy, into something special: your dress wedding. Continue reading

How to Buy Good Leggings

The leggings are a garment, from the curious name, which went for more in the eighties and early nineties. And as often happens in fashion, these clinging trousers are back in fashion in recent times, thanks to their comfort but also the sensuality. In fact, they have begun to be present again in our closets since 2005, but they are not an entirely new item of clothing. In the 80s and 90s, in fact, we wore them already but we called them leggings.

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Summer Maxi Dresses Zara

Spring is the time a little ‘fool you, it is warm but not hot, you feel in form but not in form, would you lighten up a bit’ clothing but do not feel it yet: a) you have those chiletti you’re trying to send away with hammer and chisel b) the legs are white, bear the marks of winter waxing and are not as pleasant to put on display, but then what is the solution so as not to die of heat and wear a skirt, consider the flesh-colored stockings (oVVoVe)?

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How to Choose the Right Sports Bra for Running

Whether you have large or small bust you need a good sports bra when exercising. Choose a sports bra customized for your bust and the activity you’re doing, such as low-intensity exercise such as yoga and strength training or high-intensity exercise such as running or intervals. We will guide you right in the jungle and give you the example of 16 stylish sports bra for all types of training.

The chest is moving about 10 centimeters at a single stride, which wears out the tissues and makes the skin stretched. The right sports bra can reduce breast movement by nearly 80 percent, so be kind to your bust and choose a sports bra that gives you the right support. Continue reading